Sasha Speaks:

Dear Sasha: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions –- Dating Rut?

Dear Sasha,
I’m dating in a dating rut.
No matter how much I try to motivate, it’s just not happening.
What suggestions do you have for a fella that just can’t seem to get out of the new year dating door?

Dating dud.
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Dating Topics & Tips:

Ex Comparisons: How to Deal

Does it seem like every new woman or man that you date pales in comparison to your ex? That you’ve yet to meet anyone new that could match the connection that you two once shared? Click here to read more…

Thoughts From a Bartender:

Help! My BFF Is Hitting on My Man!

At first you think it’s your imagination, or just jealously rearing its ugly head. But then you see another arm rub… another gaze held a little too long… another too-loud laugh at a stupid joke. You can no longer deny it: your best friend is hitting on your man! Click here to read more…

Fashion & Dating Do or Don'ts?:

Summer Date Fashion Tips: How to Show Some Skin Without Looking Skanky

Temperatures are blazing. Fans are on full blast. Just the thought of going outside makes you start to sweat – and joining the local nudist colony starts to seem like a good idea. Your clothes are making you feel hot and bothered – and not in a good way. Click here to read more…

Memories of Very Bad Dates:

The Unexpected Group Date

You discuss your dates with your friends, you rehash the crucial moments and you show them his hot profile pic. But have you ever taken your friends along on the date without telling him that you’re showing up with a posse? Click here to read more…

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