Cheaters and One Night Stands. Part 2

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Chapter Four

Room #104 and Neighbor Peter
When a Man Buys You Drinks Is He Entitled to More?

He was a professional paintball player, and the company logo on the shirt was one of his sponsors. I had no idea people made a living playing paintball! Actually, I thought the paintball trend went out in the 90s. Mr. Paintball was in LA on business from Philadelphia, taking meetings for a paintball video game he was creating. Intriguing! We exchange names, but for the life of me I can’t remember his.

We were having an engaging conversation, and I was learning about the world of paintball. After about 30 minutes, a man sat on the other side of me. Everyone at the bar was elbow to elbow. My new neighbor, who introduced himself as Peter, was a tall, heavy-set, olive-skinned, “rico suave” kind of guy, dressed in a hip-hop style with some bling going on. His head was shaved clean, and he a looked a little closer to my age.

Although I was clearly engaged in conversation with another man, Neighbor Peter started talking to me, and I became very aware I was sitting there between two guys, and I was not out to meet men. They were both talking to me, but it did not seem like a pick-up. I was still working on my salad and drink, but I’d given up on the magazine. Damon offered to buy me another tequila. At first I refused, but he continued to insist, so I accepted; it all seemed pretty innocent.

He told me he was a PR person for a hip-hop record label, and, it became clear he was not just being nice. Every time I ordered another drink, he insisted on paying for it, making sure the bartender took his money instead of mine. I thought, hmmm, he’s very aggressive, but he seems nice enough. He lived in the neighborhood, and it’s always nice to have new friends that are local. But really, what was going on? I was just minding my own business, and there I was with these two guys. It was getting late, and I wanted to wake up early for yoga.

The three of us had been chatting for a while when Mr. Paintball said, “Hey, why don’t you come back to my room? I’m staying right next door.” I said, “Okay, I’ll go back to your room.“ His confidence and candor was a major turn on. Plus, he is very successful in the world of paintball, and I’m always attracted to men who excel at things they are passionate about. (I think that is attractive in anyone —male or female.)

I felt bad about leaving Neighbor Peter, who had bought my drinks, but I felt more like I was accepting them to avoid an argument, and Mr. Paintball was very appealing. I thanked Peter for the drinks, gave him my cell phone number and email address, and told him to call me sometime. He promised he would.

It was a very short walk to Mr. Paintball’s hotel. I was not really sure what to expect, and honestly, I was not thinking of sex. Call me naïve, but I did not think he was interested in that either. It just seemed like we were having good conversation and enjoying each other’s company. We took the elevator up to his floor; entered room #104 and, without missing a beat, he kissed me. . I thought, well, that’s not what I expected, maybe I should go. It was not “magic,” but it was good. He was strong and passionate; his body was great — washboard stomach, hairless smooth skin, and he smelled good. I was sure I had sprouted little devil horns and a tail – so much for going straight home.

To be continued next week…

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