Falling into Manholes.

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I had Wendy on the Authentic Dating radio show back in February I enjoyed reading her book so much that I asked her if on the book’s release date if she would be a guest blogger and let me post an excerpt from her book and here it is, enjoy!

Excerpt from Falling into Manholes: The Memoir of a Bad/Good Girl

Copyright 2008 © Wendy Merrill
Published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, March 27, 2008
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From Wisdom-of-Men-o-pause
While clearly still at the mercy of my hormones, I was making love with Ken, yet another younger and inappropriate but sexy boyfriend. His penis was very hard and I stroked it teasingly. “Wow, did you take Viagra or are you just really glad to see me?” I asked.
Ken had always used the state of his penis as a barometer of his attraction for me, often taking my hand and pushing it against his crotch when we would meet to show me the effect I was having on him. He seemed inordinately proud of his erections, and sexual chemistry had been an important part of our equation, or so I thought!
He looked sort of shocked, then sheepish, and stammered, “Well, yes, I did. And I guess…I mean, I am, glad to see you.”
My hand stopped mid–stroke as I absorbed what he was saying. I was kidding about the Viagra, he was only forty years old!
I closed my eyes for a second. This explains so much, I thought. It was as though an important and elusive centerpiece of the jigsaw puzzle that was Ken had suddenly dropped into place, and a whole new version of our relationship emerged in my mind.
I remembered some talk-show psychologist warning that, “in bed with someone’s penis in your hand,” was not the ideal place to discuss sexual dysfunction. But there I was, penis in hand, about to plunge into dangerous territory. My head was reeling with questions….

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