Online Sex Wanted, May 2005

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As I mentioned yesterday…

This is Part 1 of an excerpt from my book,
Don’t Use My Sweater Like A Towel.
Part 2 will be posted on Sunday.

Where I had sex with a random guy I met on…

Chapter Eighteen
Chad was the first guy I met on who made it very clear from the get go that he was online for sex: no strings, no games. This was completely new for me; I was intrigued, looking at the situation as potential fodder for the book. Chad was twenty-nine and just looking for adult, X-rated fun.

We had an email flirtation for about two months, and he always went straight to sex talk. I do give him credit for his honesty and straightforwardness. As a writer for the Wall Street Journal, he had a strong handle on the written word. Chad would try to engage me in “cyber-sex,” but that is not my style. I like it in person. The whole experience was fascinating and kind of exciting.

In the exchange before we finally met in person, he asked what I was wearing. I told him. Then came the reply:

From: Chads_email@****.com

From: me@****.com
Cosabella black g-string, no bra

From: Chads_email@****.com
stunning! Any requests? Since I’m not dressed yet…unscented right?

From: me@****.com
yes, unscented. I like to smell the man.
Gotta go, but
Are you hard yet?

(I was kidding…Well, sort of, kind of, maybe—this was all very new to me and he took the bait!)

From: Chads_email@****.com
getting there…are you wet yet?

Wow. He was obviously very straight to the point.

To be continued…

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