Don’t Be A Slave To Your Dick. Part 1

By David Wygant.

On Wednesday I interviewed David Wygant, for the Authentic Dating Radio Show.

And as I previously mentioned in the last Authentic Dating show’s recap here on the blog David’s coaching approach to dating is real, no BS and pertinent to today’s dating climate.

For the next four days David will be an expert guest blogger, and I will be posting his words of wisdom on, how not to be a slave to your dick….

For those of you that have one and for those of us that really enjoy them!

Most guys are a slave to their dick. Here’s the theory behind this, and how you can detach yourself from your dick. When you detach yourself from your dick, women really want your dick.

It’s the funniest thing in the entire world. You know how you crave the most incredible blow job in the entire world, you really love a blow job, and you pray you will find a girl who loves to suck your dick? The problem is that you’re so into your dick, that women don’t want to suck your dick. But if you’re a really powerful man who engages everybody around him, women want to suck your dick.

Women love sucking powerful men’s dicks. They really do. The more powerful you are, the better head you’re going to get from a woman because she wants to please you. You also have to be a good lover.

It’s not just about being powerful either. You have to exude charisma and power. Look at the way Bill Clinton works a room and the way he stands in a room. He has a very powerful presence.

It’s about having a powerful presence. He controls his energy. Bill Clinton studied all the greats. He watched Kennedy. He watched all the great leaders. He picked up all the great tips. This guy comes from a trailer park in Hope, Arkansas. He didn’t just get these skills overnight. He formed them over years and years of studying very powerful people. He’s a very deep man. He’s read a lot of books, including those by very powerful leaders like Marcus Aurelius and those by great philosophers. He learned how to have control over his power and his energy, and to make it work for him (and not against him).

Most guys make their power and energy work against them. They are slaves to their dicks. They are slaves to a lot of things. That’s a shame. That’s something we talked about in “Always Talk to Strangers.” When you are a slave to your own dick, you walk into a place (whether it’s a coffee shop, a store, or your classroom), and it’s like having a giant flashing neon sign on your forehead that’s flashing “Desperate! Desperate! Desperate!”

To be continued.

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