Don’t Be A Slave To Your Dick. Part 4

By David Wygant,

Continued from Monday… Part 4.

Once again, I have no issues if you listen to this stuff and it doesn’t resonate with you. You don’t have to download my stuff anymore, listen to my podcasts any more, or read my blog anymore. I don’t care, because I know there is a large percentage of men out there who definitely want to go and elevate their being to the next level and be able to experience how amazing it is to be able to connect with women.

There are the group of guys out there who act like a bunch of predators – all they want to do is have sex with a woman, get off, and not give a shit what she thinks. Hey man, if that’s you … that’s cool. But if so, then what I’m talking to you about right now might as well be Svengali . . . because you don’t know what I’m saying.

You have no clue what I’m saying, and it’s perfectly okay. If you and I hung out and you’re one of these guys who objectify women so much, and you don’t want to get deep with them and understand really how to connect with them on a higher level, we’re going to go to a party and you’re going to think I’m some California asshole who’s talking out of his ass to women about spirituality. It’s not going to resonate with you at all, and that’s cool.

If, however, you’re in the majority of men out there who after hearing this are saying “Man, I get it! I want to live this life. I’ve never lived this life, and I’m willing to try to live this life” . . . then you’re ready to evolve and move on to the next step and up to the next level.

You’re willing to go put your dick in your pants, let your mind connect with a woman, and realize that she is going to pull your dick out of your pants. You’re not going to pull your dick out of your pants anymore.

The guys who objectify women walk around all night with their dick in their hands hoping someone is going to stroke it and when these guys go home at night their dick is still in their hands . . . and you know exactly what I’m talking about. So don’t be one of these guys and don’t be a slave to your dick!

One last zinger. Ask any woman what type of man she would prefer and you will see that the language of love is what I have write here on this site.

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David thanks for the words.
I’m glad I didn’t have to post that picture of the pony with the giant penis!
You are welcome to be a expert guest here on my blog anytime you like.

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