Tuesday’s Topic: How to Survive New Year’s Eve Single

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By Kari DePhillips

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. It’s a time for people to contemplate the past year’s events, both good and bad (or both – like the time you met a total hottie at the coffee shop, then wound up dumping your mocha down your skirt because you were too busy making sexy eyes). Reflections aside, New Year’s Eve is also one of the stereotypical “couple holidays.” Ugh.

Still don’t have a date? Never fear! While New Year’s Eve can seem daunting without someone to smooch when the ball drops, don’t let it get to you. There’s plenty to do without a significant other on New Year’s Eve – since you aren’t saddled with somebody else’s plans, you’re free to do whatever you want. Note: this includes wearing glitter. Besides Halloween, New Year’s Eve is the only time you can wear glitter without looking like a stripper.

If you want to go to five New Year’s Eve parties and make-out with eight different people, you can! If you’d rather stay in and listen to loud music while having a little too much champagne, that’s okay too. Of course, there are always things you can do to prevent kicking off a fresh year in a slump:

1. Get yourself a little somethin’. It’s a girly cliché, but sometimes it’s true: shoes are the answer. Pick up a killer pair of heels for nobody but yourself (and if somebody else happens to find them incredibly sexy, hey, that’s just a bonus). Not into shoes? Pick up some sexy lingerie, red satin sheets or a nice bottle of champagne. Anything that’s a treat – and just for you – will do the trick.

2. Get it on. Start your New Year’s resolutions a day early. Go for that long run, volunteer somewhere, or go pick up a new planner. You’ll feel proud that you accomplished something, and who knows? Maybe you’ll connect with that cute runner boy who lives just up the street. If the idea of starting a day early is daunting, then spend the day preparing for what the next year brings: write down all your goals for the coming year, then post them in a spot you’ll see every day.

3. Do it with yourself. Enjoy being single. Revel in your freedom by spending the day curled up reading a book, hanging out with your other single friends, or taking a spontaneous road trip. You’ve got all the time and space in the world, so use it by doing the things you love.

4. Get busy and pick up a new hobby. If you have the day off, use it learning a new hobby or skill. If it works out, you’ve got something interesting to talk about with other people. Worst case scenario, it fails miserably and you can tell people the hilarious story of the time you tried to bake a cake from scratch and it exploded all over your kitchen.

Whatever you do, don’t wallow in self pity as a result of your singledom. Instead, embrace it! Think about all the great things in your life: fantastic friends, a wonderful family or a great job. Oh, and if you do decide to go to a party? Bring lipgloss for any midnight make-outs (pro tip: go with one that features mint flavoring). This could be your year for love, so be prepared!

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