Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender — Disastrous Drunken Daters

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By Jack Elliot

With a new date comes pressure. You know, the pressure to be charming, humorous, engaging, and just generally attractive. Now, worrying about all this pressure can be too much for some people, for anyone really. And oftentimes, while observing dates from behind the bar, I’ll watch as daters slowly go from a nice, chatty, buzz to having one, two, three or three plus too many and slowly but surely dig themselves into a deeper hole where all the obnoxious singles hang out.

It’s a common pitfall that can happen to just about anyone. I mean, what better way to ease the tension than a couple of good-natured tequila shooters? To a certain degree, a couple more drinks than normal is alright- say you and cute guy/girl click, and you guys decide to have an extra cocktail or two- that’s perfectly fine, I’d call it normal actually. But, what is not fine is if one of the daters decides to leave his (or her) potential love connection in the dust, and before you know it he’s slurring his words, blurring his vision, and performing all sorts of other embarrassing actions.

To get some secondhand opinions on the issue, I’ve asked a couple of my more reputable regulars for their thoughts.

“There’s nothing worse…” says attractive female regular, “I’ve had a couple of dates with guys who seemed great at the beginning, but they just kept on drinking and drinking, and by the end of the night they were all over me, and needless to say, taking their own cab home. It’s like, you just want to say to them, ‘I already think you’re cute, just calm down and be yourself!’”

And to get a males perspective on the matter, we have level-headed attractive male regular: “I met this one girl out in a perfectly casual setting, we had a great initial meeting and we were really getting along with each other. I got her number and we met up later that week, and the entire night she just kept throwing ‘em back. She must have had anxiety issues or something. I ended up having to call her a cab home.”

So what can one do to avoid a disastrous date with a drunk (or even worse…be the disastrous drunk)? Well, aside from lobbying prohibition, my two reputable regulars and I have developed a few pointers for you.

Number one: The most important rule. Just be yourself! You’re not going to have a connection with everyone. Just enjoy yourself- I mean, isn’t that the whole point?

Number two: Know your limits. It’s so simple. But come on, who’s going to want to hang out with a sloppy drunk?

Number three: Don’t panic! If things are going poorly, then just relax and move the conversation to a different topic. And same goes for the opposite: if things are going great, that means you’re doing fantastic just being yourself!

So there you have it. Take it, leave it, just don’t drink i

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