Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Never Kiss a Frog — The All-Work-and-No-Play Frog

Wart Warning…..

Never Kiss a Frog — The All-Work-and-No-Play Frog

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — The Pre-School Teacher/Stripper

By DatingALemon

A girl on OKCupid messaged me. Well, first she winked at me; she then sent a message saying “you and I can get into a lot of trouble together.” She was 25 and a pre-school teacher. I’ve always had a thing for teachers, so this looked promising, the only problem was that she only had head shots and she was just average.

As I’m reading her profile she IMs me and I respond. We chat and she seems kinda cool. She tells me she didn’t have full body pics on the computer she used to create the profile, so she sends one from her phone. Again, just average.  Click here to read more…

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? — Men Wearing Eyeliner

By Alison Agosti

It may seem so trivial, but fashion has progressed and evolved along with time and challenged societies’ gender roles. Hard as it is to believe, a mere fifty years ago, the idea of women wearing trousers was considered taboo. Today, women are allowed to move from feminine to androgynous without a second thought. Men, on the other hand, have remained fairly stagnant in their mainstream image. Guys aren’t casually wearing skirts, or putting their hair in sassy updos, or applying copious amounts of makeup. Click here to read more…

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: I Kissed Him and Forgot His Name

By Jillian Weingart

He was holding my hand gently as we walked up to my front door. I turned to face him expecting to receive a hug or a simple good bye. Before I knew it, he thrust me up against the door and we were engaged in a make-out session so intense that it could make a porn star blush.

This guy had come into my bar earlier that day for lunch. Him and a friend were taking the train to see some sports game. However, this young gentleman had such a nice time, Click here to read more…

A Woman’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… He Had Sex With My Friend

By Dani Katz

Infinitely better for them, I’d like to think.

I’d been crushing on an Austrian Occultist with upward slanting kitty cat eyes and a veritable gallery’s worth of sacred geometry inked on his arms for months, to no avail. While we shared a heady, geeky passion for Tarot, Nirvana and sacred plant medicine, he continued to eschew every opportunity I proffered to tear off my clothes and have his way with me. Still, we shared road trips, and movie nights and plenty of laughs. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic: Like, Love or Dopamine – Part 1

Book Excerpt – Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel

By Jennifer Kelton

‘What is love?’ Shakespeare mused.The Great bard was not the first to ask. I suspect our ancestors pondered this question a million years ago as they sat around their campfires of lay and watched the stars.
—Helen Fisher,Why We Love

IT WAS ANOTHER picturesque summer night along the Southern California coast. I sat at the bar of the Mercedes Grill, one of my favorite work spots, while listening to freshly downloaded hip-hop on my iPod and reading over a massive stack of notes about the chemical reactions that occur during the various stages of human love. A man sporting a huge, unkempt mustache and tacky, black rayon Hawaiian shirt Click here to read more…

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Crushing on Gym Guy?

Dear Sasha,
I have been going to the same gym for a year now and always see the same guy on the treadmill while he’s running, I have a HUGE crush, what is the best way to approach him? I’ve never seen him not running…

Crush on running man
Click here to read more…

Date Song Pick of the Week: Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts

Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts

Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Star Wars Date

… So I asked him to wear his uniform.

Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates — And I’m a Bad Date?

(Disclaimer from here at Jen’s Blog, the typos, language, and spelling mistakes in the letter below have been left intentionally, and in the original context from Brianne.)

By Brianne Sloan

This is a letter that was written to me after a very bad date a couple years ago and I recently found it in my saved mail dated May 2006! You can hear his side, then I’ll tell you mine and I’ll let you come to your own conclusions:

I must say a few things, last night absolutly spun me….not only were you the WORST “date” ive EVER been on in my entire life, Click here to read more…

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