Saturday’s Memoirs: Adventures in Bad Online Dates – Dating Fido and Fluffy

By DatingALemon

Let’s get straight to the point, I’m trying to date you, I’m not trying to date you AND your pet!
Most of the women I get matched with online average between the ages of 31-35. Each day, around half of their profiles have some sort of reference to their pet, which is usually a dog. This never bothered me until I actually started dating a dog owner and realized that I was second chair to the dog, so now, this is usually a deal breaker. Click here to read more…

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Unibrows

By Alison Agosti

There are literally an infinite number of possibilities for self-expression through your hair. Dye it, shave it, spike it, let it grow wild and untamed. Men can grow beards, or a tragically trendy moustache. Basically, if you can imagine it, there is probably a product that can make it happen for you. However, in the world of body hair, eyebrows should be not open to creative interpretation. Click here to read more…

Thursday’s Thoughts From a Bartender: Are Different Tastes in Music a Deal Breaker?

By: Daniel Ponsky

Very few people have a super developed instinct that allows them to vibe and understand someone without ever having talked to them. I myself sometimes have an uncanny ability that tunes me into the most random people. Sometimes it is in their walk, or expression, or reaction to a situation that tunes me in but whatever “it” is, I always end up being able to tell about 80% of the time who someone is, where their from and where they are going in life. Though I am not completely sure, Click here to read more…

A Woman’s POV: How it Makes Me Feel When… He’s Trying to Change Me Physically

By Kelly Seal

There have been many things I’ve wanted to change about my appearance over the years. In high school, I hated my large Italian nose and thought nobody could ever feel romantic towards me, at least not as much as they swooned over the popular perky-nosed girls. In college, I dressed like a guy: t-shirts and jeans only, because I didn’t feel feminine or sexy like the women who could throw on mini skirts and heels for a Saturday night. They managed to get dates, while I watched from the sidelines wondering if I would ever be like them: pretty, confident, sexy, and feminine. Click here to read more…

Tuesday’s Topic – Can You Change His/Her Bad Hygiene?

By Jessica Downey – Not What I Ordered

Continuing with the #MoldableMay theme we have this weeks Tuesday’s Topic: Can you change his or her bad hygiene habits?

In all my years of dating I have met a few guys with some really disgusting habits. But I know I am not alone; we’ve all been there. You meet a guy or girl and they seem completely perfect until you discover this one little thing about them. Then you think “oh that’s easy, I can change that” Click here to read more…

Date Song Pick of the Week: The White Stripes – A Martyr for My Love for You

The White Stripes – A Martyr for My Love for You

Sasha Speaks: Answering Your Most Private Dating Questions — Bigger Boobs?

Dear Sasha,
I have a huge issue I have a very flat chest can we say A cup my boyfriend keeps wanting me to get a breast enlargement and said he will pay. I have never had a body and or breast  issue up until now. Should I do it and what are the risks?


Bigger boobs?
Click here to read more…

Sunday Bad Date Funnies: Mama’s Boy

Sunday Bad Date Funnies – Mama’s Boy.

Is it a good idea, and can you change someone?

For the next few weeks we here at will be talking, writing and posting about the ideas, motives, and thoughts that surround trying to “mold” aka change someone in a relationship.

Join in and share your own “Moldable May” stories with us on Twitter with the hash tag #MoldableMay, and on the site to be featured Click here to read more…

The Dating in Disguise Game Show Ep. 5

Imagine if you had a choice for the ultimate dream date, hidden behind three choices?
 That’s the challenge that contestants on the Dating in Disguise online dating game show will face.
 The Dating in Disguise game show – Because sometimes love is just a matter of luck! Each constant has 3 chances for love along with a cash or zonker prize twist.

Click here to read more…

Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Snooki Slippers

(Screen grab pic via YouTube)

By Danielle Turchiano

Okay, look, I don’t care how cute or trendy some famous person is claiming them to be, who the f*$% would wear slippers out in public, let alone on a date!? Click here to read more…

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