Friday’s Fashion Dating Do or Don’t? – Feeling Sexy Even While Freezing

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By Caitlin Thornton

Everyone freaks out about fall fashion—for a few weeks. We’re so happy to pull out our boots, scarves, jackets, and other favorite pieces that have been forgotten about and stowed away all summer. Once the honeymoon phase of the first couple of cool-weather months wears off, though, we often get stuck in the unsexy sulk of hiding behind big, bulky winter garments and accepting a lackluster appearance somewhere between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Admit it: Soon you’ll get SAD Mayo Clinic, justify excuses to hibernate by your lonesome all winter, and abandon your looks as quickly as you abandon your willpower to put more pie on your plate (it’s just so delicious).

We give up every year, temporarily, and put our looks on the backburner until summer, when we’ll need to get beach-ready, stat (No Shave November, anyone?). Despite the fact that we’re not baring as much skin this time of year, to prevent the panic that comes in spring—which, hopefully, will be here before we know it—you can make a few simple style tweaks to feel sultry all season long:

Never forget fit: You’ll be layering like crazy to keep warm, but you can still show off your shape (because you should be, you hottie) by mixing bulky pieces like scarves and wool sweaters with tailored pieces like blazers and fitted jackets.

Start with your skin: Get in the habit of prepping your skin for the driest time of year. Use an exfoliator once a week in the shower to scrub away dead skin cells that accumulate and rub off onto your clothing, your sheets, and all over your S.O.’s black sweater. Hot. After getting out of the shower (which is hard because it’s so damn cold in your place) lock in moisture with a deep nourishing lotion. We love JASON [LINK:] Coconut Butter. It’s smooth, silky, lasts forever, and has a light scent that reminds us of summer.

Swear by the sweater dress: Ladies: If you don’t already have a sweater dress, get one (or four)! Not only are they the most comfortable articles of clothing in the world, but also they’re sexy to boot (and look so cute with boots!). They’re form fitting, yet leave enough to the imagination. Pair with tights, socks, different weights of scarves, and boots, and you’ve got your winter uniform set.

Play with textures and prints:
Sometimes, sexiness is all about the details. Even if you’re opting to pile on thick sweaters and jackets, you can go for pieces that have a unique print or hints of fabric like leather, lace, or velvet to add a hint of romance. Printed tights are also amazing focal pieces that show off one of your best asset (your legs—shut up, they’re great!). If you think printed tights are too funky or unflattering for you, try pairs that have a print that runs vertical, which will cause a slimming effect.

Become besties with your local shoe repair guy: Quick, before you reach for your four-year-old Uggs: Take your boots to your local shoe repairman to get re-soled. Doing this will prevent you from slipping around like Bambi on ice (or better, falling straight on your ice after a couple martinis) and wearing stumpy, fugg boots all winter. And your shoes will last longer, too.

Get your Vitamin D: Of course inherent sexiness comes from within, so combat the winter blues with an attempt to level out any chemical imbalances the lack of sunlight may cause. This vitamin, commonly absorbed from the sun, is linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, bone health, and mortality. Get it from fatty fish like salmon and tuna, eggs, or a supplement like fish oil, which also can add a healthy sheen to your hair.

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