Celebrates Five Years of Bad-Date Compassion and Laughter

  • Posted on: October 18th, 2012 by Celebrates Five Years of Bad-Date Compassion, Evolution of Internet Dating, and Jennifer’s Countless Runner’s Miles

On the five-year anniversary of, founder and CEO Jennifer Kelton shares a thoughtful, relevant, fast-paced history of Internet dating and mobile dating. An online dating pioneer for half a decade, Kelton keeps her digital sanity with long Forrest-Gump-type runs, wine and green tea.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

(October 2012) Bad Online Dates (BOD), a pioneer in the online bad-date conversation and constantly evolving webspace of online dating, celebrates it’s five-year anniversary on October 18, 2012 . In honor of the anniversary, the company released an infographic summarizing digital dating history from 1965 to today. CEO and founder Jennifer Kelton founded the site to provide a transparent, always-humorous, dedicated, informative online source of encouragement for people who have experienced bad dates. After five years of serving the online dating community, Kelton has concluded that using Internet dating, mobile dating or social networking is a huge boom for finding love and companionship—no longer just a small tip of the dating iceberg. Kelton, dating guru, social media innovator and bad-date expert, says online dating won’t go away anytime soon. “It’s been a remarkable game changer,” she said. “It’s great to see that the stigma of meeting online since launched in 2007 is gone, for the most part.

BOD continues to be an innovative online community that helps people navigate the tragi-comedy of dates gone wrong. It was the first website allowing people to connect in a positive and supportive way based on their shared bad-date experiences. The site now has thousands of fans all over the world who are familiar with the brand and all of the BOD social media touch points. Kelton and BOD are active in the online dating world in many ways, including regular personal appearances, blogs and media interviews. “That’s the aerobic part. Thank goodness I’m a long distance runner,” Kelton said, referring to the incalculable hours it takes to maintain a dynamic online presence in the competitive world of online dating.

“Internet dating is a spectacular thing, because people can now connect with others in a way never before possible,” Kelton said. “At, we’ve worked hard to stay relevant in dating trends and new technology. We’ve been here since there was a stigma against Internet dating. It’s been exciting to see the evolution.

Kelton says the original launch of BOD caused a ripple in the world of dating, because it “opened a can of worms: the dark side of online dating.” Over the last half-decade, Kelton and the site have brought humor and camaraderie to those experiencing bad online dates through online services such as:
Bad Date TV: This three-year-old, ground-breaking webseries shows the comical side of Internet dating gone awry, featuring Bad Date Betty, Bad Date Ben and others who personify the worst and funniest of online daters.

Rescue Bad Dates with Astrology Toolkit: Through a partnership with The Astrologer Kelli Fox, provided astrological insight into love matches.

#BODFortune: Follow, then tweet #BODFortune for a direct message of hope, joy and wisdom to counteract bad dates and other depressing life events.

BadDates iPhone App: With the BadDates iPhone app, you can post your bad date play-by-play right from your phone in real time. Now, instead of having to wait until you’re home in front of your computer to express your horror over the guy who drools while he eats, lies about his age, or yells obscenities, you can get it out of your system right away with the BOD community
Kelton says mobile dating is the next big online dating game changer, because it allows easy real time connections.

The BOD 5-Year Anniversary Infographic shares a “Brief look at Electromance,” including a history of online dating, plus current statistics and insights, including:

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