How to Handle Dating a Total Slob

Dating a Slob

By Shilo Urban

He’s hot, he’s kind, and the chemistry is sparking off the charts. You like his sense of humor and he likes your dog; you have similar interests and your dates have been exciting and romantic. There’s only one problem: he’s a complete and total slob.

I once dated an Artist who insisted on dragging wooden pallets, toilet boxes and other trash off the streets and into our tiny apartment to paint. He kept boxes and boxes full of art supplies, but when he needed blue paint or wood glue or scissors, he always had to go out and buy it because he could never find what he already owned. His clothes were covered in stains, he chewed with his mouth full of food, and his hair grew for months and months at will with nary a brush in sight. Hey, at least he showered almost every other day.

Are you dating a slob? Whether his lack of organization manifests in his personal appearance, home environment or entire lifestyle, there are ways to deal with dating a slob. If you like the guy, you must learn how to handle his slob-like tendencies, because changing him into a neat freak is the stuff of dreams (it will never happen). Learn to love your slob just the way he is, and overlook his messy methods if he brings enough positive attributes to the table to counterbalance his mess. Here’s how:

Look the other way. The best advice for slob-daters is to ignore the habits you find unappealing and pretend they don’t exist. Love is blind, but “like” needs blinders. If you want to hang out with him despite his slovenly nature, make an agreement with yourself to ignore his faults.

Go to your place. If it looks like a tsunami wrestled a nuclear bomb in the middle of his living room, you might be too distracted to get down to business. Opt for your place instead.

Wear closed-toe shoes. If his car floorboards contain proof of every fast food meal he’s eaten in the past year along with random fur-covered objects and quite possibly a living mouse, wear closed-toe shoes and long pants to protect your skin and your dignity from the mess.

Book dates that require special outfits. If he shows up looking like Pigpen every time you see him, go on a date where he’ll be covered up: an ice bar, car racing, zip lining or skydiving. You’ll all look equally dorky in your special suits.

Clean up after him. If you keep dating slobby guys, you may have a subconscious desire to take care of him like a mommy. Own your desire and clean his house, but don’t expect him to ever return the favor. Or, just get a dog.

Hire a maid. Perhaps all the guy needs is a little help in the housework department. Give him a break – most males don’t grow up learning how to sweep, mop and vacuum. Hire a maid service to clean his house and buy yourself a little time with Mr. Clean.

Marry him – he’ll change. Just kidding! No man in the history of the planet has ever become more organized after getting married. Slobs are most likely slobs

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