Huge Fashion Turn-Offs for Men

Bad Eyes

Believe it or not ladies, what you wear can either attract men and turn them on – or repel them away from you and turn them off. While most men would agree that “naked” is the best outfit any woman can wear, most females prefer to wear some sort of clothing throughout the day. Cover yourself – a little – and avoid wearing any of the following fashion turn-offs for men.

Too Much Makeup: A face that looks like it was painted in multiple layers by Leonardo da Vinci will only turn men off. Instead, choose accessible makeup that looks natural and highlights your features – and avoid bright lipstick if you are planning on a make-out session.

Ponytails: A ponytail is a great way to get your hair out of your face while you work, but on a date, it just says that you didn’t care enough to fix your hair. Unless your date involves sports or nature, avoid this easy hairstyle in favor of letting your long locks down.

Giant Sunglasses: Who do you think you are, Sophia Loren? This bug-eyed celebrity look comes off as trying way too hard and might make men think you’re a diva.

High-Wasted Pants: Currently these stylish pants are at the top of every fashion list… and at the bottom of the list for what turns men on. High-wasted pants remind men of their mothers and their grandmothers. They’re fine for fashion purposes, but don’t expect a super high waist to be sexy.

Uggs: These big beige boots have been popular for years with women – and hated equally as long by men. In a snowy winter climate, feel free to break out the furry boots, but anywhere else they just look stupid.

Heels that Hurt: If you can’t walk gracefully in your high heels and be comfortable in them all night, don’t wear them. Watching a woman attempt to walk in heels that don’t fit is like watching a six-year-old play dress-up with mommy’s clothes. Don’t do it!

Giant Jewelry: Gaudy baubles the size of a suitcase belong on old women in soap operas; on younger women they look like a distraction at best. Don’t let your jewelry wear you.

Artsy-Fartsy Fingernails: You spent three hours painting your fingernails into the characters from the Wizard of Oz, ten different tropical fruits or your favorite singers from last season’s American Idol. High-maintenance looks like this scare men into thinking you that your favorite hobby is keeping up your appearance. And if you have the time to create tiny masterpieces on your nails, it probably is. Put down the paint pens and get a real hobby that doesn’t involve a mirror.

Harem Pants: These bold, trendy pants make you look like a fashionista… a fashionista who just took a dump in her pants. A style choice that cloaks the natural shape of the female posterior in excess fabric that sags like a deflated balloon, harem pants are only sexy for a male if you are actually in his harem.

Baby Doll Dresses: The 90s are coming back, and baby doll dresses (worn with tiny hair clips and mary jane shoes, of course) have recently been spotted in flannel and other grungy textiles. Unless you’re going for that underage look, skip this tween outfit and wear something made for a woman instead.

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    Well…I guess I have been turning off a lot of men LOL

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