A Woman’s POV: No Text After First Date Sex? How to Deal

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No Text Sex

You had an amazing first date experience that culminated in a clear connection between the sheets. You felt like something special was beginning, but that was three days ago, and he hasn’t contacted you since – not even a text.

Even in today’s rushed dating space and hook-up culture, a day-after “thank you” text is standard for human beings with a minimum of respect for each other. Why aren’t you getting it?

Learning how to deal with disappointment and rejection is a crucial characteristic to have, and resiliency is one of the most important factors that determines happiness throughout life. Resiliency will help you deal with the rejection – and help you make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

1. Do not get down on yourself. Being ignored by someone you just shared your most special lady parts with is tough, and you may start dogging on yourself after the fact. Am I not pretty enough? Not fit enough? Not sexy enough? Move your negative emotions over to your date instead. THEY are disrespectful, THEY are not classy, THEY are foul human beings – not you. Do NOT beat up on yourself for the actions of someone else, and if you need to call in reinforcements (aka your friends) to cheer you up, so be it.

2. Feeling good about yourself? Confidence running high? Great. Now is the time to examine your role in the situation. We all make bad judgments of character sometimes, but if this has happened more than once or twice to you, then you need to examine your role in choosing unfit sex partners. Perhaps you are scared of relationships, and therefore go for dates that don’t present that problem. It’s okay to be single forever as long as you’re happy with it – but if you’re pouting because he didn’t text, that is obviously not the case.

3. Resolve to hold off. If he’ll have sex with you on the first date, he will also have sex with you on the second date and the third date. If you have problems controlling your physical desires, arrange your first dates where having sex isn’t a possibility – for example meet at the venue, instead of having him pick you up and drop you off at your door. You set the boundaries in your dating life, and you have to respect yourself before anyone else will. Don’t give up the goods until the second or third date, and your morning-after texts will increase exponentially, guaranteed.

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