Men’s and Women’s Fall Fashion Basics for First Dates

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First date fashion requires a smart balance of style: polished yet casual, comfortable but not sloppy, and trendy without trying too hard.

Fortunately, fall fashion is ideally suited for first dates, with intriguing layers, fitted styles, and soft, cuddly-worthy fabrics. Make sure that your wardrobe has the following basics, and you’ll be able to put together a fetching outfit for any kind of first date in the fall.

First Date Fall Fashion Basics for Women:

• Boots – Best in black or dark brown, boots look attractive and are extremely versatile. You can wear them to all kinds of fall dates, including dinner parties, horror movies, dance clubs, harvest festivals, bonfires, and winery tours.

• Cute Fitted Jacket – As temperatures fall, you’ll be grabbing your jacket more and more often – and it’s usually the first item of clothing that your date will see. Highlight off your curves in a sleek, fitted jacket that nips in at the waist.

• Skinny Black Jeans – What did we wear before skinny jeans? Perfect for a casual afternoon date or dressed up for dinner, black skinnies show off your legs, hips, and other assets.

• Long-Sleeved Mini Dress – From the classic LBD to a frock in a warm fall color, every woman needs a go-to first date dress in her closet. Comfortable yet body conscious, knit dresses are ideal for fall dates. Long sleeves and a modest neckline balance out a sexy short skirt.

• A Little Bit of Lace – You don’t have to go all Elvira, but a peekaboo glimpse of a black lace camisole can be extremely alluring. Tease him with the tiniest hint of lace lingerie.

First Date Fall Fashion Basics for Men:

• Dark denim jeans – Whether you go with deep navy, indigo, or jet black, dark wash denim can be dressed up or down depending on your date’s destination. Bonus: you’ll look slimmer.

• Corduroy – Soft and cozy, this fuzzy fabric encourages women to cuddle up. Lighter tones of corduroy like gray or brown are well suited for afternoon dates, and today’s flattering fits are a far cry from the cords of your youth.

• Sports Jacket – Outdated? Hardly. Sports jackets and blazers make you look more masculine and authoritative. They broaden your shoulders and whittle your waist – AND they show your date that you made an effort, which is sadly can be a rarity in today’s dating scene.

• One Unique Accessory – Showcase your personality by adding a stylish detail, such as a sharp watch, colored pocket square, statement ring, or cool hat. Just make sure it’s something you would normally wear – not a gimmick to try and grab her attention.

• Stylish Shoes – Women will always notice your shoes – so they better look good! Polished dress shoes or dress boots are an easy no-brainer, or you can up the fashion ante with a pair of leather or suede Chelsea boots – they’re super hot for 2016. Whatever you choose, make sure that your footwear is clean and presentable.

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