6 Ways to Deal with Getting Dumped on Valentine’s Day

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Getting dumped on Valentine’s Day can be tough. Really tough. When everyone else in the world seems to be canoodling in the back booth of an Italian restaurant – you’re newly single.

But surprisingly, it’s not that uncommon. Breakups spike around all holidays; annual events inspire people to re-evaluate their lives.

When you get dumped on Valentine’s Day, the breakup has usually been coming for a while. The dumper has been keeping up a façade of love, which has grown more difficult with each passing day. Confronted with the thought of a Valentine’s Day celebration together, the façade crumbles and the relationship is terminated.

Also, they didn’t want to buy a gift.

Dumped on Valentine’s Day? How to Deal:

1. Look on the bright side.
The original Saint Valentine wasn’t just rejected – he was imprisoned and then executed for love. Getting dumped on Valentine’s Day isn’t quite so bad. Also, a person who will keep up a façade of fake love and/or dump you on February 14 is a jerk, no matter how you look at it. You don’t need this person in your life.

2. Get rid of the gift. You probably already bought a gift. Return it if possible or donate it to charity. Get it out of your home.

3. Give back. Are you stuck with hours of empty time now on V-Day and don’t know what to do? Visit a local nursing home or veteran’s hospital to chat with the old men or women there. Bring Valentine’s Day cards and make an old person’s day.

4. Wallow. Don’t beat yourself up if all you want to do is put on your sweatpants, dive into a carton of rocky road ice cream, and watch reality TV. Give yourself time to grieve.

5. Go out. If you know that wallowing will only make you feel worse, put on a sexy outfit and call up your single friends for a night of dinner, dancing, and drinks. Just don’t go overboard on the drinks.

6. Mad as hell? Head out for a run or to the gym to get out your excess energy. Dance classes like Zumba are particularly good for working through your anger.

Moving Forward:

Perhaps this year you should celebrate Lupercalia instead. Lupercalia was the big February holiday in the ancient Western World long before Valentine’s Day. On February 15 every year, this festival was held to drive away evil spirits, purify the city, and bring health to its inhabitants.

Sounds like your evil spirit has already chosen to depart – so on February 15, you can focus on creating a fresh start that will benefit your health and purify your surroundings.

Do something that makes you feel nourished and taken care of, whether that’s a massage, yoga class, nature hike, reading a great new book, organizing your makeup drawer, or eating dinner with the girls. Make this a new habit – and move forward with your head held high.

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