Celebrates 8 Years with the Alpha/Beta Launch of the Innovative BOD Dating App



Jennifer Kelton CEO and founder of announces new geo-location-based mobile app to empower daters when dates go wrong.

(October 2015) Bad Online Dates (BOD), a pioneer in the bad-date conversation and the evolving space of online dating, is celebrating its eighth anniversary on October 18, 2015. In honor of the anniversary, the company announced an invitation-only alpha/beta launch of a geo-location-based mobile dating app that CEO and founder Jennifer Kelton expects will revolutionize mobile dating by increasing opportunities, choices and hope. “Bad dates suck, Click here to read more…

How to Handle Dating a Total Slob

Dating a Slob

By Shilo Urban

He’s hot, he’s kind, and the chemistry is sparking off the charts. You like his sense of humor and he likes your dog; you have similar interests and your dates have been exciting and romantic. There’s only one problem: he’s a complete and total slob. Click here to read more…

Introducing LA Dates!

la dates

Hey L.A…speaking of bad online dates…aren’t you tired of them yet?

The team behind We Love Dates is thrilled to announce the launch of L.A Dates, their first US focused online dating site. Having found that many online daters in L.A were growing tired of the same “big” and often over saturated online dating sites, Click here to read more…

5 Ways To Tell There Will Be a Second Date

After an amazing first date, you’ll be left wondering only one thing…will I see them again? The waiting game can be nerve racking because while you know you had an incredible time, you can never be 100% certain that the other person did as well. While there are no guarantees when it comes to dating, there are certain clues that give you an insight into if there will be a second date or not. Click here to read more…

How To Handle It When Your Date Doesn’t Look Like His Photos & Other First Online Date Issues

First online dates usually go two ways. #1, you leave hoping to see him or her again. Or #2, you run out the door praying you never bump into them again, swearing off online dating forever…until you get bored in a week and start checking your inbox again. Click here to read more…

What To Do If You’re In Love With More Than One Man

On Monday nights, I do what just about any woman in America is doing…watch the Bachelorette. Normally, shows like this don’t make me think too hard (understatement of the year?) and it’s just a tad difficult to relate to a woman who gets to have her first dates perfectly executed in Croatia, but last night was a bit different. Click here to read more…

Sex, Life, & Hannah – Summer Season

The third book in Dorota’s jaw-dropping, frank, and relatable book series: Sex, Life, & Hannah, comes out this July. The book release party will be held at Book Soup in Los Angeles on Friday, July 20th at 7PM . Follow the rest of Dorota’s virtual book tour for an opportunity to win all three of her books! Check out the book trailer here: YouTube Click here to read more…

Bad Online Dates Rushes to the Rescue with #BODFortune, a Cyber Feast of Good Fortunes to Make Bad Dates and Bad Days Feel Better


Jennifer Kelton, the Bad Online CEO, author and dating guru, eats her way through thousands of fortune cookies to gather cyber good fortunes that encourage you before a date or soothe your soul after a bad date—or anytime. Click here to read more…

Naked in the Shower with a Bartender Survey Shows Definition of Cheating and Promiscuousness has Shifted
New Bad Online Dates infographic shares shocking statistics indicating Americans have loosened standards when it comes to infidelity and sexual behavior—possibly due in part to increased access to pornography and celebrity promiscuity. Click here to read more…

What Do You Consider to be a Sexual Betrayal and or Cheating? [Infographic]

sexual betrayal infographic

Add This Infographic to Your Site

Click here to read more…

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Jennifer Kelton CEO / founder LLC is a Los Angeles native and a pioneer in the worldwide dating industry, investigating the game of love while providing encouragement and support since 2007, starting with the acclaimed dating book Don’t Use My Sweater like a Towel. An accomplished CEO, visionary and entrepreneur, Kelton’s work in the […]

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