Thoughts From A Bartender: No-Fail Advice for First Date Jitters


As a bartender, it’s easy to spot the tell-tale signs of a standard first date: stilted body language, awkward pauses in the conversation, and the unmistakable whiff of self-conscious insecurity: the jitters.

But then there are the first dates that just seem to flow easily – like two humans getting to know a new friend instead of future spouses sizing each other up. Click here to read more…

Help! My BFF Is Hitting on My Man!


At first you think it’s your imagination, or just jealously rearing its ugly head. But then you see another arm rub… another gaze held a little too long… another too-loud laugh at a stupid joke. You can no longer deny it: your best friend is hitting on your man! Click here to read more…

How Texting is Hurting Your Relationship


In the past, romantic relationships would begin in the real world: with a request to dance, a letter of invitation, or a chance meeting at a masquerade – at least that’s what romantic comedies would have us believe.

But one thing is certain: they didn’t begin with a text. Click here to read more…

Valentine’s Day Blues? Why Being Single Rocks!

As February 14 rolls around again, and lovey-dovey couples prepare to gorge on fancy prix-fixe dinners across the land – it’s easy to start feeling sorry for yourself if no one is buying you a chocolate rose or gold plated heart-shaped pendant.

But ask yourself this: are you sad and lonely because you are single? Or are you sad and lonely because society tells us that single people are supposed to be sad and lonely? Click here to read more…

When Everyone Else Is Kissing Under The Mistletoe…

kisisng on christmas

Even the happiest, most independent singleton can get a little depressed during the holidays. This family-oriented time of year has a million ways to remind you that you have no warm body to cuddle at night – in addition to the fact that it’s freaking cold outside, Click here to read more…

Stuck on the Wrong Person? How to Get Unstuck & Move On

Getting unstuck

Letting go.

Whether you’ve just been dumped or are suffering through the pain of unreturned love, sometimes humans get mired in attachment. We need to move on – but we feel stuck.

Our culture celebrates a “never give up, never say die,” attitude, and generally regards quitting as a personal failure. Click here to read more…

Online Dating: Fantasy Vs. Reality

Man Starring

We’ve all been there: his profile looks good, the pictures are hot, and his information is intriguing. After sorting through eight million profiles of unattractive potentials – you find one that could be a diamond in the rough. A possible match. A mate. Or at least – a great first date that might lead to something. Click here to read more…

Thoughts From a Bartender: Bad Manners – Beer Chugging and Burping

Beer Chugging
By: Lindsay Hopper

What would you consider to be one of the biggest turn-offs on a date? I think bad manners would probably rank pretty high on people’s lists. You want to think that everyone was brought up to be a civilized member of society however that, unfortunately, is not the case. In fact, as time has gone on, it seems that manners have started to go out the window! Click here to read more…

Thoughts From a Bartender: The Pressures of Valentine’s Day

Heart Valentines

By: Lindsay Hopper

It’s coming! (Cue scary music) Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Along with all the pressure and stress that comes along with it. Valentine’s day is probably the one holiday that will cause everyone anxiety. Single people don’t like the holiday because they feel alone. Married people struggle to find something new to do. And people that are in relationships have that added intensity of having to impress. Click here to read more…

Thoughts From a Bartender: Can I Date an Over-Drinker?

By: Lindsay Hopper

Most women have had the unfortunate experience of dating someone who, on occasion, has one too many drinks, usually resulting in an unnecessary fight that everyone always regrets in the morning. Some women deal with this more then on occasion and a few of them even deal with this on a regular basis. Which poses the question: how much is too much and how often is too often? Click here to read more…

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