Date Staple Wardrobe Pieces for Women

Date Wardrobe Staples LBD

Deciding what to wear on a date can be difficult, whether it’s the first time you are meeting each other or you’re six weeks in. Make it easy on yourself and create the ultimate date wardrobe with these staple pieces. Getting dressed to impress will be easier than ever.

1. Little Black Dress – A sexy standby that can be worn on a thousand different dates, the LBD is chic, elegant and goes with anything – in fact, you may want to stock up on a handful of them. Click here to read more…

Out of the Box Spring Date Ideas

Spring Date Ideas

Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, so don’t fall back on the same old date nights. Treat your date to a unique evening out and relish a new adventure together.

• Trampoline Park – Put the bounce into springtime at an indoor trampoline park like Sky Zone or Sky High Sports. Jump into a giant room lined with trampoline floors and trampoline walls, and see if you’ll fall for each other. Click here to read more…

Fantastic World Dating Customs

Kissing Couple

America’s single men and women have a large amount of freedom to date who they want and how they want. Starting in high school or even before, Americans start testing the waters to try out potential mates for marriage or maybe just a good time. Click here to read more…

The Overeager Texter and Caller

Overeager Texter

Today we live in a world where human beings can be constantly connected to one another… and sometimes that’s a horrible thing.

Introducing: The Overeager Texter and Caller.

Actually, there’s no need to introduce this person – because you’ve no doubt already been on a date with The Overeager Texter and Caller. Turning their mobile phone addiction in your direction, this anxiety-ridden person will text you a dozen times before your date and a dozen times after. They Click here to read more…

Weird World Dating Customs

Weird Wold Dating Habits

Online profiles, the bar scene, friendly set-ups and speed dating – are you in despair over dating customs in America? Don’t be. Finding a mate isn’t an easy proposition in any country, and some cultures have developed very interesting methods for matchmaking and dating. Click here to read more…

How to Survive a Holiday Breakup

Holiday Breakups

Not everyone is merry during the holidays; in fact December is the most popular month for breaking up. Christmas presents, family get-togethers and holiday parties make tensions mount, and many people prefer to cut ties before the New Year begins. Click here to read more…

New Relationship? Top Holiday Gifts for Him & Her

Christmas Gift

Holiday gift-giving can be a major source of stress for people in new relationships, and for good cause. If your present is too small, cheap or generic, they’ll think you don’t care. If your gift is too grand or expensive, you may scare him or her off. Click here to read more…

BADONLINEDATES.COM CELEBRATES It’s Sixth Year Online and Dress for the Date


Founder/CEO Jennifer Kelton Looks Back on 6 Years of Success With While Looking Ahead to Her Latest Venture,

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 2, 2013) – The website that pioneered the social sharing of bad dating experiences and advice,, celebrates it’s 6th year anniversary on October 18, 2013.

Jennifer Kelton founded the site in 2006 to provide a transparent, humorous, and informative online source of encouragement and advice for people who have experienced bad dates. At a time when social media was very new and online dating was a stigma, Click here to read more…

Best Halloween Couple Outfits

Haloween Costume

Do you have a date for October 31? Halloween is a fun time to step out as a dating couple; the holiday gives you license to dress and act any way you want. But couple costumes can be tricky to pull off at best, and horribly lame at worst (hello Romeo and Juliet). Whether you want to be funny, scary or WTF this Halloween, Click here to read more…

Why Didn’t They Call? Top 10 Reasons

He didn't call

You met an interesting person last week with strong date potential. You really hit it off in conversation and felt the spark of connection – and they even asked for your phone number. You felt the exciting tinge of possibility that this might be the beginning of something great, and went to bed that night with a smile. Click here to read more…

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