First Date Disaster Relief

I was interviewed about a week ago for this article (see below link) for the Redeye of the Chicago Tribune.
Leonor Vivanco- the reporter did a fantastic job and it’s full of great dating tips!

Under Construction

Please excuse the construction dust. The blog was just moved from Blogger to WordPress yesterday.
It should be back in shape in a day or two, till then you can visit another blog that I just launched, and check out the new site features at

Immature and Sex-Mad?

Not us say men, according to this Reuters July 24, 2008 article.

What Guys Think About…

I think these guys have some good points, but I do think that confidence speaks volumes – no matter what a woman is wearing.

One huge fashion don’t – anything that has writing across your ass!

When I was at the airport flying out of Cancun on Monday, there was a women in front of me at check-in that had ”Lotta’ Love” written largely across her sweat pant wearing ass!

My guess is that she was in her mid to late 30’s, bottom line it just looked stupid, and her friend smacked her gum and blew bubbles, DON’T be that girl!

Men vent on their favorite (and not so favorite) women’s fashion trends.

Saturday Night Live

This is super funny!
Ah – the joys of getting picked up by men at a bar!

He Likes You

Can Donkey Skin Really Make a Woman Horny?

I just got back from the Riviera Maya, Mexico late last night.

I survived voracious attacking mosquitoes, that showed absolutely NO mercy – even while I was head to toe doused in the local hard-core DEET mosquito repellent.

It was a new experience and extremely enthralling to take a walk through the major Tropical Storm Dolly – which is right now moving over the warm Gulf Ocean waters and may very well turn into Hurricane Dolly as it picks up strength and heads straight towards the Texas coast line.

OK…now back to dating, love, sex (in this case sex) and relationships… I herd a report on the radio this morning about donkey skin being the latest aphrodisiac…

According to Bizarre as it may sound, but chocolates, strawberries and various herbs are not the only aphrodisiacs that would give your libido a boost. The latest to join the list of such substances is, believe it or not, donkey skin!

In Mexico

I will be in Mexico till Monday. I’ll try to post while I’m there.

If not you can check out a new blog that I launched this week called

Where it’s not just dating related but about, fashion, music, food, travel, environment, sports,humanity, life, tequila and much more…

Also please note that the Social Dating site has moved to a new platform as of the 16th, please excuse the construction dust… But it has lots of cool new features!

Also.. next week there will be a whole new look to the blog as well.

This being noted – there is a bit of construction dust here to since the migration and transfer of data on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend.

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