SNL Digital Short: J*** in My Pants

Oh my goodness, everything about this just feels…
As I laugh out loud… Wrong?
Anyway, it’s quite funny and I figured it was a good way to kick off the weekend.

However I do have to say, talk about a “bad date.”
Guys just don’t go there!

SNL Digital Short: J*** in My Pants
Saturday Night Live
Excerpt (s.34 : ep.10)|02:40|
Too much excitement to contain.

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Weekly Bathrobe Rant – Sex and Stink!

This weeks bathrobe rant is about, woman’s perfume and men’s cologne scent.
And how too much “stink” may scare off a potential mate.
Don’t be that “stinky” person.

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Just How Dirty is Handholding?

The LoveFeed on why handholding is dirtier than you think.
by YourTango

Handholding is dirtier than you think! The LoveFeed takes a microscopic look at a study on men’s and women’s palms. Guess whose are dirtier…

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Dating Don’t – A True Life Story – Man Picks & Eats Boogers!

I was on a plane last week sitting next to a guy who was a complete nose picker.

It got me thinking to include this true life story as a video blog for dating and relationship tips.

While this may seem obvious — I think to remind people that picking and flicking nose boogers is disgusting and makes for extremely valuable singles dating advice.

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Bad Date Jan – Sloppy Drunk & Sex? Episode 6 Presents Bad Date TV.

Bad Date Jan – Sloppy Drunk & Sex? Episode 6

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On the Road for Business

I will be traveling for business the 12th – 15th.
Please enjoy the other posts if I don’t get a chance to post while I’m on the road.


How Men Deal With Breakups

Men cope with breakups in some surprising and predictable ways.

Dating and Cars…

Does the car you drive get you dates?

When You Hate Your Friend’s Boyfriend

Yes… That would be me quoted in this video.

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Kelton

I have created this blog and social dating community to turn negative dating experiences into positive ones. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what the name implies. It was my own life’s multiple combo plate of bad date experiences that inspired me to create this supportive community. In the midst of my own search […]

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