Global Love: Weddings Around the World [PICTURES]

In honor of June brides — I have compiled an album of weddings photos that I’ve shot from various places on this ever interesting planet earth. Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar), Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York and Spain.

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” ~Franklin P. Jones

  • Jimmy Jacob

    Wow Jen 

  • Jimmy Jacob

    Wow Jen! That is pretty incredible! You’re a photographer too? Very impressive. 😉 

  • Single Dating Diva

    nice :) ’tis wedding season and it’s nice to see how people aren’t so different after all on their special day!! 

  • Seven Dates a Week

    Just lovely!

  • Ms. Cheevious

    FABULOUS baby!  Love those photos… and… sniff sniff… makes me think maybe one day I may tie the not again…. NOT!!! LOL!!

  • lisajey

    Beautiful photos lady!  Love them!  

  • The Sassy Divorcee

    Gorgeous photos! And so emotional…you impress me woman! And as a divorcee, it’s not easy to get past my wedding cynicism! 

  • jenniferkelton

    Thanks for the words all.
    I can say that without any question in my mind that as I stood in the very remote villages — both in Burma and Vietnam it showed the absolute power of love — despite life circumstance.
    Much in life we may take for granted, but a solid union between people is for sure something to cherish and celebrate!

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