20/20 is interested in your Bad Dates! The ABC Newsmagazine wants to know what makes a date go bad?

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20/20 is interested in your Bad Dates! The ABC Newsmagazine wants to know what makes a date go bad? We want to see!

The ABC Newsmagazine 20/20 is working with BadOnlineDates.com and we are looking for videos of dates gone wrong, the wilder the better!

So the next time your date heads south, instead of just thinking what you will post here…..think of taking out your iPhone or digital camera and recording it all!  Make sure it’s obvious why this is an example of a “Bad Date”…you can narrate if you want….you can ask questions ….you can even shoot yourself too, not just the other person if you like….whatever will make it clear what’s wrong.

It may take some creativity on your part to pull it off;  it probably won’t work if you say “this date is so awful I need video to prove to my friends what happened!”. So by all means have fun…make it playful! But however you can do it, the video should show people what you went through.

If necessary for television broadcast identities can be kept confidential, but 20/20 wants to see whatever you can shoot. If you’ve ever recorded something in the past, that’s worth sending too. There’s no guarantee that what you submit will be used, but the producers will contact anyone whose story they like.

Please don’t stage anything though, it has to be real. Send your video clips, bad date stories and contact information to Thomas.j.berman@abc.com.

  • Neelysteinberg

    I think everyone has a bad date story to share, and we all love hearing about it. :) Great idea!

  • http://www.mscheevious.com/ Ms. Cheevious

    Can I just say – had you hit me up six or so years ago, I’d have so much good juicy fodder for ya!  This is AWESOME. Go get ’em!  How are people going to do this?  Hidden iPhone camera?  LOL

  • lisajey

    I can’t wait to see this!  I don’t think I can share a bad date, since all my time with my man is AWESOME, but trust me… if we find ourselves in some odd sitch… you KNOW I’m videoing and sharing with YOU!  lol

  • http://singledatingdiva.com Single Dating Diva

    Oh yes, we ALL have those bad date stories … sharing makes us feel like we’re not alone and all have bad luck sometimes … well some more than others … ahem (ME!) LOL

  • http://twitter.com/sassy_divorcee The Sassy Divorcee

    You are working with 20/20…that in and of itself is Ah-maz-ing! And I for one cannot wait to see the bad date stories people share!! 

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