Sex, Life, & Hannah – Summer Season

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The third book in Dorota’s jaw-dropping, frank, and relatable book series: Sex, Life, & Hannah, comes out this July. The book release party will be held at Book Soup in Los Angeles on Friday, July 20th at 7PM . Follow the rest of Dorota’s virtual book tour for an opportunity to win all three of her books! Check out the book trailer here: YouTube

I crack my eyes open. They hurt. I lick my lips. My mouth feels like grime. It’s dark, except for a sliver of light peaking through two long drapes. I reach for a white, fluffy pillow. It feels cool against my hot head. Where am I?

I think I blacked out. I’ve never blacked out before, but this must be what it feels like because I’m having a hard time remembering everything that happened…yesterday.

I remember the drive to Vegas, and video poker, and Holly losing all her money because she apparently lost her mind. And then the Bunny Ranch, where I sat across from Aunt Helen and Ben at the bar, as they gushed over one another like…two people in love.

I guess they met at the restaurant Ben just opened in the MGM, which is where Aunt Helen owns a condo now and where Ben is readying himself to lead the franchise team when they open in New York and Miami. And I remember when Ben walked away to use the bathroom that Aunt Helen leaned in and whispered, “Do you know he used to have premature ejaculation issues?” And I did my best to look surprised. And then Aunt Helen continued to confide about how all it took was one swift detox and a few solid tantric sessions to cure him of all that.

I remember a limo ride, where about fifteen people piled in, including Holly and…Natasha Cuffs, and doing shots of some green liquor, and popping some pill some guy gave me, I and feeling really high. And going from club to club, where we all walked in VIP because everybody knew my aunt, or Ben, or someone else along for the ride. And then I remember screaming at my sister, over how much I hated her because she ruined my life by not giving me the money to go to Paris when I graduated high school so that I could try to get into the Ecole de la Couture—all because I didn’t speak French and she thought that would always be a deal-breaker to my fashion career.

I hear my phone vibrate. I muster the energy to sit up. I smell something funky and slowly slide off the bed.

I pry open the drapes and see a crowd around a huge fountain; we must have made it back to the Bellagio. My phone continues to vibrate. I walk towards the sound and notice my clothes in a pile…with puke all over. Disgusting.

My phone is on a nightstand. I scroll through a number of missed calls and texts from Christian, starting with how I’m doing and ending with how he’s very concerned for my life. I look at the time: almost one p.m. I quickly text: I’m safe, will call soon.

I’m in desperate need of water. I put on a robe I find slung over a chair and open the door.

Sex, Life & Hannah – Summer Season book trailer

  • Dorota

    What happens in Vegas…sometimes ends up in a book:) Thanks for being part of my virtual book tour!

  • Ms. Cheevious

    Well well missy.  You get around don’t you…  I see you…  LOL

  • lisajey

    Love it! What a great teaser!  Good job Dorota!  

  • Dorota

    Thanks Lisa!

  • Dirty In Public

    But wait…I need to know what happens next! I guess that’s why they call it a teaser. You Tease! LOL! Can’t wait for Book 3…delicious summer read!

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