Celebrates 8 Years with the Alpha/Beta Launch of the Innovative BOD Dating App



Jennifer Kelton CEO and founder of announces new geo-location-based mobile app to empower daters when dates go wrong.

(October 2015) Bad Online Dates (BOD), a pioneer in the bad-date conversation and the evolving space of online dating, is celebrating its eighth anniversary on October 18, 2015. In honor of the anniversary, the company announced an invitation-only alpha/beta launch of a geo-location-based mobile dating app that CEO and founder Jennifer Kelton expects will revolutionize mobile dating by increasing opportunities, choices and hope. “Bad dates suck, Click here to read more…

Do You Believe in… Ghosting? The Mystery of Disappearing Daters


Do you believe in ghosting?

Halloween may have its goblins, ghouls and zombies – but in the dating world, nothing gives you the chills like being ghosted.

Men and women are mysteriously disappearing from relationships, vanishing off the face of the planet without a trace – despite the fact that sending a text message to say goodbye literally takes five seconds.

Are these missing people in a coma? Did they get vaporized by aliens? Turned into vampires? Click here to read more…

BOD Dating App — Alpha Launch 10/15/15

Mobile dating is about to be changed forever. Are you ready to be a part of the revolution?

Coming soon: will transform the dating space as we know it with the brand new BOD app that redesigns the concept of dating. You know that tingling sensation you feel when you discover an amazing new band before they blow up and make it big? Yeah – it’s kind of like that. Click here to read more…

Date Staple Wardrobe Pieces for Women

Date Wardrobe Staples LBD

Deciding what to wear on a date can be difficult, whether it’s the first time you are meeting each other or you’re six weeks in. Make it easy on yourself and create the ultimate date wardrobe with these staple pieces. Getting dressed to impress will be easier than ever.

1. Little Black Dress – A sexy standby that can be worn on a thousand different dates, the LBD is chic, elegant and goes with anything – in fact, you may want to stock up on a handful of them. Click here to read more…

Dress for the Date Announces #DressMonday

Dress Monday


I don’t know about you but I wake up on Monday and know that I’ll be at my desk putting out fires and then at some point having to put my “man pants on and be the “CEO”.

Many of us work in masculine industries or the gender-neutral tech space, where it’s easy to forget about being a girl. Whether we choose to or not we have to “wear the pants” – but we don’t have to wear pants while doing it? Click here to read more…

About Jennifer

Jennifer Kelton

I have created this blog and social dating community to turn negative dating experiences into positive ones. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what the name implies. It was my own life’s multiple combo plate of bad date experiences that inspired me to create this supportive community. In the midst of my own search […]

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