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With last week’s post I was sidetracked by the Ol’ Tally Whacker but it was for the best. While it made my mom blush and giggle all at the same time, it also made for a great reason to write about Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s humorous SNL spoof Dick in a Box. Justin Timberlake SNL Spoof Dick in a Box

Going back to my original plan, I will now do the follow-up to: Is it a Date or a Bride? And I will talk about Arm Candy.

Part of my inspiration to write about this topic came from watching the interaction between a couple while I was in Mexico lounging peacefully at the same pool.

What I noticed at first about them was the age difference and secondly that they didn’t speak to one another. When they did speak, the woman would yell at him with a sour look on her face and closed-arm body language.

I had to wonder as I sat under the warm and welcoming Mexican sun, was this beautiful and young-enough-to-be-his-college-aged-daughter woman really worth being berated and treated like this?

Perhaps she keeps him happy in bed, or is incredibly impressive to his friends, family and colleagues?

Conceivably for him, at the end of the day it all balances out because she looks so great on his arm; AKA Arm Candy.

On that note I thought it would be interesting to write about the idea of Arm Candy. What does it mean exactly and how does it show its face in today’s society?

And as talked about here:
New York Times Article on Arm Candy

While it may seem that socio-economics has very little to do with dating and mating, it historically does, right along with beauty, evolution and Darwin. But beauty can and may show up differently for each person and in any number of characteristics, whether it be looks, wealth, intelligence, a certain body part, a good sense of humor or perhaps crooked teeth.

Back to Darwin, a recent Duke University study about why most men have a wandering eye suggests that men are driven by their hardwiring and biology as seen in the groups of male rhesus monkeys, which favored sexuality and power in the female monkeys.
Power, Sex, Monkeys and Humanity

Example A:
The Donald Trump’s and Larry King’s of the world, or as I talked about in the Dating for Perks post, the notorious Anna Nichole Smith.

I do think it’s worth mentioning that economics (power and wealth) do and may affect the dating and mating process and life in general, as with the case of Arm Candy.

When a wealthy man is with a very attractive, younger woman, she is considered Arm Candy who is with him just for his money (and chosen just for her looks).

This year I dated a guy with a well-paying job as a programmer. From date one programmer guy always let me pay for half of the check. After a handful of dates, as the bill would uncomfortably lie on the table between us and the sexual tension grew as we finished up our drinks, I came to realize that this was his MO.

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt; maybe he has loans, alimony (he is divorced) or family loans to pay off? I finally asked him what was up with always splitting the check. When he gave no direct answer, I finally asked him, “Are you cheap?”

He never answered any of my questions but if I were still dating him I would send him this link: Who Pays for a Date?
I think this is a good piece of information.

That mentioned, recently I went to a speed dating event with a friend. After the event, we went and had dinner with two of the speed dating men and when the bill arrived one of the men eagerly offered to pay, while the other just sat there quietly in his chair.

I understand why Arm Candy happens and being an LA native I see it daily, grew up seeing it, and I even have friends who have dated older, very rich men and have become Arm Candy…

Next week’s blog post will offer a man’s opinion on the topic of Arm Candy from my go- to guy, Eric C. What do you think on the topic?

Till then, Happy Holidays!

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