Dating for Perks.

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As a general rule of thumb I feel it’s pretty safe to say that human beings enjoy a wide array of “stuff.” From the newest electronic gizmos to frozen pies, we are creatures of comfort who are also partial to picturesque living environments and holidays. But to what extreme will people go to acquire belongings or to create an exquisite lifestyle where relaxing for a week at a ritzy five-star resort becomes a life norm?

I had a situation recently where a man with a fabulous job asked me out. Other than the fact that he was no George Clooney look-alike and was wearing expensive leather dress shoes in humid, 80 degree weather with no socks, he seemed like a decent man. And, based on his high-level title with a well-known corporation, I’d be willing to take a suckers’ bet that the night would be filled with VIP perks.

Sucker-bet aside, in reality I was more enticed to go out with him for the possible “perks” rather than romance and his potentially smelly and sweaty feet.

Could I really go on a date with this non-sock wearing guy just for perks?

About three years ago I dated a guy because of his hand-restored classic car (very sexy). In other words, I dated him for his car. His ride became my “perk,” but in the end I realized no matter how hot his car was, it didn’t make him hot, so I stopped seeing him. Despite the automotive benefits, the whole situation felt disingenuous.

Having learned that lesson from the classic-car guy, I flashed on no-socks guy and recognized it didn’t matter how good the VIP advantages could be, I wasn’t going to go there or out with him.

So just how prevalent is Dating for Perks? (Which I think in some circumstances is equivalent to being a Gold Digger.)

Using the Internet, I typed in the words “millionaire dating” to see what I could find and here are the top seven sites:

Model Quality Introductions
Millionaire Match
Date A Millionaire
Dream Girl Match
Millionaires Club 123
Marry An Ugly Millionaire

My personal favorite is marry-an-ugly-millionaire, because that is where you will find me most nights looking for my next Dating for Perks guy. And with marry-an-ugly millionaire, super model looks are not required.

At 26, did the now-infamous Anna Nichole Smith, stripper-turned-Playboy Centerfold and Guess model, marry Howard Marshall II, an 89-year-old oil tycoon worth an estimated $1.6 billion for love or money?

While we will never know her exact motives, I think for most she is considered to be a Gold Digger who married him for his fortune. Washington Post Article

When Marshall passed away just one year after they wed, Smith stood to inherit $474 million, which was held up in the legal system before her own tragic death this year at 39.

As I researched this post between all my recent online millionaire dates (not), I read an article in USA Today about gift-giving and human nature. The reporter talks about how gift-giving isn’t just a human act but how it’s also found in the mating rituals of some insects such as the male hanging fly.

“If women are complaining about how men are in relationships, they should think about the hanging fly,” Kruger says. “The male hanging fly gives the female a gift — a large dead insect — only to take it back after mating to be used in his next encounter.”

Fortunately unlike the male hanging fly’s dating and mating gift ritual, no man has ever given me recycled road kill to get me into bed.

I had to wonder do men and women have different likes and dislike when it comes to Dating for Perks?

Last night I asked a handful of men whom I’d never met what kind of “perks” it would take for them to date a woman that they were just semi-interested in and this is what they said:
o Looks
o Good in bed
o Intelligence
o Upbeat
o Happy (Upbeat and happy got extra points)
o Congenial

I think this clip from a NBC’s Today’s Show about a “special” speed dating event hosted by Pocketchange Speed Dating speaks volumes about Rich Men and Beautiful Women.

From my brief study, it seems that perhaps women’s Dating Perks are more wealth-centered and for men, they’re based around beauty, sex, and personality.
Well, maybe not for this guy…

Young Italian Man Seeks Millionairess

Have any of you ever Dated for Perks and if so what where they?

*Note I usually post on Wednesdays I will be in Mexico till Thursday and my internet maybe spotty so I am posting this today.

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