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In honor if January 8 and the year 2008…



The number 8 on its side = Infinity

The Bold 8 = You embracing the infinite possibilities of the dating world with your

1. In addition to symbolizing Infinity, the number 8 has a lot of significance such as it constantly evolves and revolves as should you. Let 2008 be the year that you loose any old dating habits and beliefs that don’t serve you any longer, you know what they are, and if you are not certain ask someone close to you that has seen you end up with Mr. or Miss Wrong one to many times.
2. Now take action….Move out of your comfort zone of how you normally meet people and try something new such as hobbies, hitting a different market then ask someone you think is cute “how to tell if a grapefruit is ripe” or going to a local pub or bar ALONE and striking up a conversation with someone you might otherwise been too shy to approach or may not look like your type…Feel nervous? Great. Do that what you fear and your fear will die.
3. AH! The number 3 actually has great spiritual history and if you put two 3 together facing one another it turns into an 8. But since this is not a spiritual Dating Makeover list, but a realistic one, it is time to Face Yourself, your needs, your perfect imperfections. Know who you are, what you want and believe in yourself.
4. Now that you believe in yourself, believe that you are attractive to others. Carry yourself with confidence. Attitude can be sexy. Besides no one wants to date a Debbie Downer.
5. Do not jump to conclusions about someone before knowing the facts. Ask someone to explain something to you that you question or disagree with….How can he not like cats? Maybe he is allergic. Do a bit of research before writing the person off completely.
6. Accept that with dating there comes some rejection. Use this to grow. Learn more about what you are looking for in a partner. If he or she “is not the one” keep moving so you stay fluid to attract the right people in your life.
7. Be adaptable. Remember that you are constantly evolving and revolving so get rid of that Laundry List of what you think you are looking for, height, hair color, eye color. Your match may be a brunette not blond.
8. Evolve. Revolve. It is up to you to create the Dating climate you want and remember you are the BOLD 8!

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