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I’m so looking forward to the hour long live interview with Dan and Jennifer for this Wednesday’s show. Authentic Dating Radio Show

Where we will talk candidly, honestly, and thoughtfully on sex, love, dating and relationships.

Just in case you have been hiding under a rock and aren’t that familiar with Ask Dan & Jennifer here is just a few bites.

And for even more Ask Dan & Jennifer videos you can go here.
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Sex in the Media

Ok, it’s a pretty well know fact that sex sells…

This in your face Subway billboard advertisement say’s it all.

And back in 2005 there was the spectacle and infamous use of sex in advertising with Paris Hilton, who was not only very well paid, but used to the hilt by the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. Corporation to sell their brand, and burgers.

While Paris, strutted, was scantily clad, ate very juicy hamburgers and like the rest of us mere mortals do on a regular Sunday afternoon wash our cars in stiletto heals.

The ads caused a public outcry and were deemed as inappropriate, which ended with the ads being pulled from the airways almost as quickly as they aired. article

I dug around this morning on YouTube and found these rather amusing videos where the use of sex, humor and advertising blend…

This is not a real commercial but it’s so funny I couldn’t resist but to post it!

So here is why I’m even writing about this topic, other than the fact it’s interesting. I took some pictures of a billboard and Vodka ad at a very busy intersection here in Los Angeles…

This is what the bottle looks like in real life…

And here is what Vodka ad on the billboard looks like…

I asked a handful of people what they thought the billboard ad looked like, and to my surprise there was some people I asked that thought it looked like a “bottle.”

Speed Dating, Part 2!

Picking up where I left off the other day…

Standing on the sidewalk outside of the Clear bar and after ditching the Speed Dating event a well coiffed man approached us and funny enough he told us that there was “no room for him at the dating event.”

He seemed like a nice guy and when he asked me and my Super Sexy Publicist if we would like to follow him in our separate cars to a club down the street we were both up to checking it out, and no matter how bad it may have been there was no way it could have been as bad as the Speed Dating event we had just fled from.

After driving for about twenty minutes we arrived at the club and parked our cars, the club actually wasn’t just around the corner but a good distance down Ventura Boulevard.

We walked into the club and it was dead, literally there were maybe six people in the room, however the good news was we both needed to use the bathroom and there was no line.

I’m going to fast forward here, but our new male friend used the same exact pick-up line on both of us and as we compared his pick-up line notes we both knew it was time to go, plus we were both hungry from all of the Speed Dating hilarity!

We ended up at Tony Roma’s…

This was our fantastic bartender…

And he took our picture as a souvenir of our dating and dining adventures…

For the record they have kick-ass chicken tenders and french fries…

While we were eating and reminiscing over all of the possibilities of the fabulous men we may have left behind at the Speed Dating event a woman who was barefoot and completely disheveled came into the restaurant with plastic medical bracelets on both of her wrists, the police and paramedics were called and then she was carried away on a stretcher.

After all the excitement of the night, I walked my Super Sexy Publicist to her truck only to see a giant heart written in the dust of her truck’s back window, it was from our new friend, you know the one that used the same pick-up line on both of us.

This morning I received an email from the people that organize the Speed Dating events saying.
“We missed you at N***Date! It was a BLAST!
We hope you’ll join us for the next party on March 20th, 2008. RSVP before it sells out at…”

Who knows maybe I will give it another try, it could have been an off night, and as long as the bar doesn’t smell like Dirty Granny Panties I may just stick around to find what could be my Mr. Right, plus I’m always up for an adventure or just a good laugh!

My Funny Valentine

February 14, 2008
• 5:45am: Alarm clock goes off only to wake up hearing Ryan Seacrest’s voice.
• 6:15am: Day kicks off with a radio interview on 95KGGO
• 6:40am: I go running for an hour.
• Up till around 1:00pm I go through normal business stuff, emails, making and returning phone calls, posting something new on the Blog etc.

A few days ago I had lunch with my mom and while it would be cool to say I received flowers from a hunk of burning love for Valentine’s!

This happens to be my one and only Valentine’s Day gift…

And it came from my mom, AND it’s a cellulite brush to use in the shower.

Hum… so in honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to use it yesterday, hey anything to ward of the affects of aging skin I’m all for plus my mom reassured me over my Chinese Chicken Salad at lunch that the brush is, “for me to use as preventive measures.”

By 2:30pm in the afternoon I was in Beverly Hills to get my brows shaped and for a bikini wax, otherwise known by Hollywood standards as The Playboy, nothing says Valentine’s Day like torturous below the belt hot wax, and the sound of hair being ripped out.

As I normally do I hit the swanky Crustacean restaurant bar before my appointment to partake in a glass of wine, to get caught up with the bartender Nilo, and also to take the edge off.

I decided to stay in Beverly Hills so I would miss rush hour traffic and to have dinner at The Blvd Lounge located in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel since I had no romantic night planned and the only person that had asked me out for the night was the morning DJ during entertaining radio fodder at 6:15am, so much for my cellulite brush!

And this was what I ordered Crispy Orange Chicken:

After having a few bites I realized what a seductive pose my chicken meal was in, and it didn’t take long for me and a few of the people sitting with me at the bar to make extremely funny chicken jokes, one man with his wife, mother-in-law, and two year old son after seeing my plate asked me if it was “the Crispy Orange Chicken,” cancelled his chicken meal and ordered something else to eat.

While at the ritzy establishment’s bar and over jokes I met some great new people, and we exchanged cards so that we can hang out in the future.

Driving home I couldn’t help but to take a picture of this billboard…

Somehow seeing this huge billboard last night on my way home made me feel very content with my cellulite brush, seductively posed chicken dinner, and new friends, in fact I did in follow my own Valentine’s Day SV-8 list!

Valentine’s Day Tips From Ask Dan & Jennifer

Finding Love Online This Valentine’s Day and The Perfect Last Minute Gift Idea…
Ask Dan&Jen Dating Tips and Advice for Valentine’s Day

Check out Authentic Dating Next Wednesday, February 20th at 8:00am PST to 9:00am PST where I will be talking with Dan & Jennifer for a full hour: Authentic Dating Radio Show

Till the live radio program enjoy their fantastic and useful dating tips and visit their sites latest videos on YouTube…And for even more videos, visit the Ask Dan and Jennifer YouTube channel.
Ask Dan & Jen Youtube Videos

Speed Dating!

I’m not exactly sure how to react to an email that asks “are you getting excited ?”

This “are you getting excited?” email I received was for a Speed Dating event I went to on Tuesday (2-12-08) with my Super Sexy Publicist, and after sitting in Los Angeles traffic for one and a half hours I was extremely relieved to meet her at the bar across the street before the Speed Dating event began.

After knocking back a few glasses of wine we walked across the street to the bar to potentially meet our Mr. Rights.

These two men were on there way into the event and were kind enough to let me take their picture.

Walking into the establishment called Clear it became very clear to both of us that perhaps we were not all that welcome by the wall of woman that were already seated in the booths and OK, not to be mean here but all of them a bit on the chubby side, I’m more than a-ok with that, but it was the angry glares we both felt on every level of our beings, coupled with a rather pungent smell of dirty socks and undies, that’s my nice way of saying that it actually smelled like Dirty Granny Panties! That sent us heading straight for the front door.

And as we walked outside a few men followed us and asked us if we were leaving and said “if we were they are too.”

I’m going to post more on the night with pictures over the next few days or so, after we left the Speed Dating event there was another adventure to come, OH the joys of single life!

Tips for dating “from an old hand”

And as also talked about on the radio show this morning dating tips from Rusty.

1. Personal Hygiene is important – even more so when you are “of a certain age”! Showers are good. Be sure to put those little non skid things in the floor of the shower.
2. Appearance is important – men be sure to cut those nose and ear hairs! Bushy eyebrows are NOT sexy! Women, be sure to leave off that turquoise eye shadow and kohl rimmed eyes – that was great in the 70’s but now “less is more” is the watchword…besides, shaky eye lining is gross!
3. Clothing – even if you are in the elastic waistband brigade please dress up for your date – appropriately – no bikinis at the beach – one piece suit and sarong is good. Men – no pull-string grey fleece trousers and sloppy T shirts! No matching shell suits. (See I got it in!) Dressing well shows you are thinking about the date and that you care enough to make an effort.
4. Modesty is good – “When I had my last job, I…” is fine. “When I was the first female CEO of a major Fortune 500 company, I…” is not. Most likely your date will already know of your accomplishments but if not, can learn them from you over time.
5. No one-upsmanship! When your date mentions Jersey City don’t say “Ah yes, the same thing happened to me when I was last in Katmandu with …”
6. Stay away from the past – don’t mention John F Kennedy, Andy Warhol or Greta Garbo – stay current – stay up to date! Talk about today not yesterday. You lived it, OK, but it’s not really relevant to others any more, even if it seems relevant to you…
7. Women – go for younger men – look at Demi! Men – go for older women! There is a very large population of female 50+’s out there who are great company and know more sex tricks than any fresh butt 25 year old…
8. Please don’t talk about your divorce(s). It’s a bore and it’s time you got over it if you are dating. In fact no need to mention marriages at all! See below # 9…
9. Be curious about your date. Encourage general “philosophical” talk – not personal reminiscences – talk about issues – about what you have learned about issues or thoughts over the years.
10. Listen well – listen, listen, listen – it is very sexy
11. Be pleasant and agreeable – no contradicting – no grumpiness – no food things please. If you have to diet don’t talk about it just pick your way through the menu and eat what you need to eat.
12. Don’t be afraid to have a good time and show it – pleasure is catching!

Love At Any Age

Thanks so much to my radio show guests this morning on Authentic Dating, conversations in the raw.

Rusty & Bill you are a wealth of humor and wisdom!

As mentioned at the end of our interview here is an event for Valentine’s Day that Rusty recommends.
Word Theater Presents Love Scenes From The Silver Screen

It looks like a great time and better than cleaning your dust bunnies!
Cleaning on Valentine’s Day

Also a big thanks to Karinna Kittles-Karsten (sorry for butchering your name)your book Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love is fantastic! Link to

To listen to today’s show go here:
Love At Any Age

Celebrate Singlehood in The Patriot Ledger

Last Friday as I was driving back home from the mountains my super sexy publicist called me to see if I could do an interview right then and there with The Patriot Ledger.
Link to Valentine’s Day Interview with The Patriot Ledger

I must say out of all the interviews I have done, this was the most unusual to date, asI pulled to the side of the rural road on my cell phone while cars and semi-trucks drove past me going an average speed of seventy five miles per hour, as I talked of love, singledom and chilled vodka!

Dana, Thanks for the great interview it was a lot of fun.
Cheers and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Authentic Dating This Wednesday

Check out this Wednesday’s show (2-13-08) titled Love At Any Age at 8:00AM PST
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At 8:00AM PST Rusty & Bill will be talking honestly about dating the in’s and out as you get older from both a male and female point of view.
And at 8:30AM PST Author, Karinna Kittles-Karsten will be interviewed.

Karinna Kittles-Karsten is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and the founder of Sacred Love, Inc., an innovative Los Angeles-based intimacy multimedia and luxury product company.

Karinna will discuss her New book Intimate Wisdom the Sacred Art of Love
Intimate Wisdom guides readers along a sacred adventure to create a relationship that’s emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually fulfilling. It combines Eastern and Western intimacy secrets and offers methods for finding, creating, and keeping a great love relationship.

Intimate Wisdom: The Sacred Art of Love is available at Barnes & Noble bookstores, by special order in bookstores nationwide, and via online booksellers including,, and through the author’s web site, Link to

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