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Does being LOUD in public also mean you will be LOUD while having sex?

On Monday I was at one of my favorite local Mexican restaurant bar’s with my boyfriend aka my laptop computer.

It’s important to mention with the amount of time I spend with my laptop I’m one hundred percent A-OK with calling it “my boyfriend” and I have also found that “my boyfriend” gives me very little to worry about in terms of loyalty, it’s always hard, smart, doesn’t snore, and fits easily into my handbag for spontaneous travel.

So on Monday evening, yes,it was President’s Day and a holiday,I was out with “my boyfriend” at one of my regular haunts.

It could have been the combined tequila, beer or the President’s Day holiday combo pack that culminated into the extreme loudness, but for the next two hours of my life, honest to god, I have never experienced such a LOUD group of people, even with my ipod turned up to the highest volume while I worked, you know the volume that we are told will cause hearing loss.
Hearing Loss and your MP3

The group behind me was even LOUDER!

However even with the thoughts of hearing loss it made me nostalgic of the old Saturday Night Live sketches with the Loud Family.

So as I sat at the bar it made wonder.
“What’s up with the SHOUTING?”

And do you also behave that LOUD in the bedroom, or is it just the tequila, beer and holiday combination?

I did a bit of field research for this post, all in the name of social science of course, and I asked a handful of people their thoughts on, “if you are LOUD in public does that also mean that you will be LOUD while having sex?”

Fascinating, everyone I asked said “YES!”

So, I do have to wonder is there some kind of inhibition filter that somehow gets turned off regardless if it’s while having sex or drinking tequila and beer to honor America’s founding fathers.

Honestly, I do realize that they where just having a good time so I’m not being a buzz kill, but it did get me thinking?

Anyway, if you look closely at the paintings on the wall behind them you can see that they are rather sexy, maybe it was just the site of the paintings that got them all LOUD and excited?

Hey, I know that’s why I go there, to look at the sexy paintings, come to think of it, I also have met some men there that I’ve ended up dating as well, but they weren’t LOUD when we first met at the bar, or in bed…

But, perhaps we just didn’t drink enough tequila…

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