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Yesterday I decided to get a massage and while I was on the table I discussed with the male massage therapist my story about the man from the night before, the therapist pointed out an interesting point, he thought that, “I was perceptive to have not gone out with the guy and a lot of women still would have gone.”

Hum, something to chew on…

Do we become so scared of being alone that we will spend time with anyone?

I get that people stay in marriages or very committed relationships for reasons other than love, but if you love yourself during the dating process why would you not follow your gut if you see red flags off the get go?

So for my final night in Vegas, there was no way that I would have tried to reconnect with the man I discussed in yesterday’s post, and I didn’t hook up with the cute man I met at the Blackjack table and partake in, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” kinky sex!

Instead I had a fantastic time having cocktails filled with laughter and intelligence with my sisters, husbands father who recently moved here and after happy hour with him, I had an elegant dinner with a very dear old friend Dave that I have know for twenty five years and his beautiful new wife that was followed with two of their children joining us for desert.

While I did do a quick walk though in the casino next door with my sister’s father- in-law, I think that makes him mine as well?

I looked at the slots in a whole new way based on yesterdays post, it was at that moment that I felt incredibly lucky spending time with loving family and old friends, it felt safe and it didn’t involve any gambling like dating where you just never know what’s going to happen.

At the end of the night I was taking pictures on my way back to my room, the bellman offered to take my picture with the flowers… I thought about it for a minute then agreed, you know a picture is worth a thousand words and my smile here says it all.

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