Speed Dating, Part 2!

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Picking up where I left off the other day…

Standing on the sidewalk outside of the Clear bar and after ditching the Speed Dating event a well coiffed man approached us and funny enough he told us that there was “no room for him at the dating event.”

He seemed like a nice guy and when he asked me and my Super Sexy Publicist if we would like to follow him in our separate cars to a club down the street we were both up to checking it out, and no matter how bad it may have been there was no way it could have been as bad as the Speed Dating event we had just fled from.

After driving for about twenty minutes we arrived at the club and parked our cars, the club actually wasn’t just around the corner but a good distance down Ventura Boulevard.

We walked into the club and it was dead, literally there were maybe six people in the room, however the good news was we both needed to use the bathroom and there was no line.

I’m going to fast forward here, but our new male friend used the same exact pick-up line on both of us and as we compared his pick-up line notes we both knew it was time to go, plus we were both hungry from all of the Speed Dating hilarity!

We ended up at Tony Roma’s…

This was our fantastic bartender…

And he took our picture as a souvenir of our dating and dining adventures…

For the record they have kick-ass chicken tenders and french fries…

While we were eating and reminiscing over all of the possibilities of the fabulous men we may have left behind at the Speed Dating event a woman who was barefoot and completely disheveled came into the restaurant with plastic medical bracelets on both of her wrists, the police and paramedics were called and then she was carried away on a stretcher.

After all the excitement of the night, I walked my Super Sexy Publicist to her truck only to see a giant heart written in the dust of her truck’s back window, it was from our new friend, you know the one that used the same pick-up line on both of us.

This morning I received an email from the people that organize the Speed Dating events saying.
“We missed you at N***Date! It was a BLAST!
We hope you’ll join us for the next party on March 20th, 2008. RSVP before it sells out at…”

Who knows maybe I will give it another try, it could have been an off night, and as long as the bar doesn’t smell like Dirty Granny Panties I may just stick around to find what could be my Mr. Right, plus I’m always up for an adventure or just a good laugh!

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