Speed Dating!

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I’m not exactly sure how to react to an email that asks “are you getting excited ?”

This “are you getting excited?” email I received was for a Speed Dating event I went to on Tuesday (2-12-08) with my Super Sexy Publicist, and after sitting in Los Angeles traffic for one and a half hours I was extremely relieved to meet her at the bar across the street before the Speed Dating event began.

After knocking back a few glasses of wine we walked across the street to the bar to potentially meet our Mr. Rights.

These two men were on there way into the event and were kind enough to let me take their picture.

Walking into the establishment called Clear it became very clear to both of us that perhaps we were not all that welcome by the wall of woman that were already seated in the booths and OK, not to be mean here but all of them a bit on the chubby side, I’m more than a-ok with that, but it was the angry glares we both felt on every level of our beings, coupled with a rather pungent smell of dirty socks and undies, that’s my nice way of saying that it actually smelled like Dirty Granny Panties! That sent us heading straight for the front door.

And as we walked outside a few men followed us and asked us if we were leaving and said “if we were they are too.”

I’m going to post more on the night with pictures over the next few days or so, after we left the Speed Dating event there was another adventure to come, OH the joys of single life!

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