What happend to chivalry?

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Right now I’m in Las Vegas for the weekend and after braving an extremely bumpy fifty minute flight and the notoriously long airport taxi line.

I was supposed to meet a man for a night out on the town that I had met when I was in Laguna Beach for New Years, after I got settled, I text messaged him to let him know that “I was here in Vegas” and much to my surprise the text I got back from him was not a “hey, where are you, what time works for you, where would you like to meet?” but THIS …
”Come by at Monte Carlo.”

For me this was not the best approach to get me into bed or on a dinner date, especially since I barely know him, and to be told what to do… just did sit well with my gut also the hotel had a pretty major fire about three weeks ago.
Monte Carlo hotel fire story

So I sent him a text back asking…
“Didn’t that hotel burn down a few weeks back?”

Honestly, not to be harsh but after receiving his first text I really didn’t want to see him, not only was he telling me what to do, but he was staying at a hotel that recently had fire damage, the whole situation just felt uncomfortable, we are all different however for me, I just wasn’t feeling his vibe and it felt like a Bad Date waiting to happen, I would rather hit the town on my own.

Within minutes he got back to me with a simple…

I called him to talk live since I was uncomfortable with the idea of just blowing him off and by now I was completely turned off by his telling me what to do text message and also by his one word text’s, it just didn’t seem very chivalrous and any notions of a romantic night with him had completely gone up in smoke.

Moving right along here, when I called I got his voice mail, so I left a nice message, basically saying to have a great night and to keep in touch.

Right after I left the message,he sends me another text…
“Jenn..I just got my cell back (long story). Heading back to the Hard Rock I will call ASAP!”

So what I’m having a hard time understanding is how did he get my text messages and my call if he did not have his cell phone also why didn’t he just call?

But… I wasn’t going to put a whole lot of brain power into trying to figure it out I’m in Vegas and up for fun!

I hit the Mandalay Bay casino, played Blackjack for over two hours, won hundred’s of dollars, sat next to a cute guy that got my number, who knows, maybe we will hang out and he will understand the importance of being chivalrous?

…Or I will play to slots and hit a Jackpot really if you think about it dating is kinda the same you never know what you will get?
To be continued…

  • Glenn G. Millar

    People seem to be in such a hurry nowdays. I don’t like text messaging because it encourages short answers. Frankly, that is no way to woo someone. I’m with you on this one Jen. You are better off that you never met him.

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