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Check out this Wednesdays Authentic Dating Radio show called, The Truths About Love and Touch.
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8:00am PST Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., M.S.Ed., ACSE
Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, “Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots.”

Dr. Yvonne is the sex columnist for! Check out her latest piece every Monday & Thursday night.

Also on SIRIUS MAXIM CHANNEL 108’s “SEX FILES” with the lovely sexpert Amy Spencer every Wed. @ 2pm ET. Voted Maxim’s Best One-Hour Show by independent consultants!
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8:30am PST The Rusty and Bill Show– Back again to talk about dating, love and sex over 65!

There is a lot of love behind this.

Last night I made it official I kicked off the, There is a lot of love behind this campaign.

As soon as I sat down at the bar at one of my very local Venice spots this woman in the picture was nice enough to move her designer handbag over to the next chair to make room for mine.

We both laughed that our fancy designer bags needed to be “loved” and have there own seats!
AH! life in LA!

She not only was in love with her well taken care of bag, but also with her handsome fiancé, clearly with that much love she was a perfect choice to kick this off.

Siberia Pictures

I’m pretty wired from all the Green Tea that I have been drinking this morning and I went a little crazy with the scanner, enjoy more pictures from Siberia.

There is a lot of love behind this.

Love, respect and hope in my opinion are three of the most important things that we have in life.

I’m so glad it’s Sunday and that this week has almost ended, as it was filled with situations in business that felt unsupported, disrespectful and unloved. ARGH!

This being stated with the things that I’m passionate about I give not just 100% but 200%.

My Mom and I were talking about relationships the other day and she said to me that, “in all good/healthy relationship’s it’s not about just giving 50% to the other person, but that each person must give 100%.”

Sound advice! Even though she was telling me these wise words of wisdom while drugged up from a recent knee replacement surgery.

Mom you rock and drugged up or not…they are fantastic words to live by.

The next day while I was driving to meet a friend for dinner I was feeling beyond spent from the week and it’s various situations, and while I was sitting in traffic a giant bus pulled along side me that had a huge advertising campaign for a Movie called, Forgetting Sarah Marshall Forgetting Sarah Marshall Trailer
The ad’s have been plastered all over the city.
And uses the word HATE!

It could have been my day, my week or the combo of it all but advertising “hate” just feels wrong to me.

Over dinner and drinks my friend gave me/pinned on me the red felt pin that is pictured above that reads…
“There is a lot of love behind this.”

You know I think in a world where so many people are searching for love this has a better message.

So I decided to create my own advertising campaign for love where I will take a daily picture of the pin, wherever it lands and makes the most sense, hey you never know it could end up on a hot and naked man! LOL!

Anyway I will post a picture daily here on the blog also as part of my own dating/love journey.

This is from my dinner out last night 3-29-08.

This morning as I was running on the empty and cold streets of Venice Beach, I thought about the different situations of real “love” in my life where I felt completely safe, supported, and respected like how my mom and dad make me feel.

Spurred on by the nostalgic thinking from my run I decided to go through two old boxes of pictures that were taken long before the digital camera.

I got so excited about posting them here, along with the unknown adventures that lay ahead for me and the red felt heart shaped pin, that I drove to Staples to buy a scanner and I forgot to take off my slippers.

And here are a few pictures to kick this off while I was on a life-changing trip to Siberia, where the people have very little and live off the land from season to season, but for me living and traveling with them was full of love!

Cheaters and One Night Stands. Part 4

Picking up from where Tuesday left off.

Chapter Four
Room #104 and Neighbor Peter
When a Man Buys You Drinks Is He Entitled to More?

I was still not able to remember his name when we said goodbye, but I didn’t care any more. He was a liar, and not someone I would want in my world. I only saw him one more time — in the pages of a paintball magazine. Four months later, I was at a Barnes and Noble bookstore, looking at dating books for research, and I saw the one and only paintball magazine in the periodicals section. I thumbed through the pages and there was Room #104! Well, I’m pretty sure it was him. The man in the photo wore a helmet with a face guard, but a bit of his red hair was visible, and I’d recognize that body anywhere. At least I knew he didn’t lie about that. Along with the dating books and an Italian Vogue, I bought the paintball magazine – the clerk gave me a quizzical look. I now keep it with my research for the book; it’s my souvenir of the day I became a social scientist.

The day I said goodbye to Room #104, I returned home to find my e-mail inbox and cell phone filled with messages from Neighbor Peter. I was unsure if it was best to call him or ignore him, but he did seem like a nice guy. He just lacked girl-skills and was, obviously, eager. I called him back and agreed to go on a date with him that weekend. Thinking back, I tried to get out of our initial date, but he was very insistent. I gave him brownie points for his willingness to fight to have a date with me.

We went to Mr. Chow, one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. He seemed like a kind man; under his gruff exterior is a man looking for love and companionship – aren’t we all. Although he wore way too much cologne and was a little rough around the edges, we had a few things in common. We talked about his job at the record label and my own connections within the music industry.

Things were going fine until he asked me to feed him. What? Is he kidding? I thought. He wanted me to feed him pieces of the green shrimp, just like a romantic couple in a movie. It was a very awkward moment, and definitely not romantic. I really just wanted the date to be over, but he’d been so generous, I felt it would be rude to cut things short.

After dinner, he talked me into a nightcap at the Ritz-Carlton. We sat on the big couch in the bar area where I sipped hot tea and he a mixed drink. I was wearing a very tight dress, and I consider panty lines to be a big fashion don’t. Even the Hollywood standard, Cosabella, would be visible. As we are sitting on the couch, he slid his hand across my hip and commented, “You’re not wearing underwear.” I nodded confirmation of his suspicion. If the general public knew just how many women “go commando,” no one would be shocked by my confession.

In a split second, his hand was up my tight, black Dolce and Gabbana dress right there on the Ritz-Carlton couch. He leaned in and whispered in my ear all the things he wanted to do. I must admit I got a tingle in my nether region; I was still pretty charged from Room #104, although our encounter had been three nights earlier. The next thing I knew Neighbor Peter and I were in the pool area of the Ritz. I had a little Jesus déjà vu moment as he went down on me, then he pulled out his “thing.” It was shockingly large; without even thinking I told him “to put that THING away,” and I was out of there. I had gone beyond filling my perceived obligation.

To be continued next week…


HELP! I’m stuck on a Bad Date and feel kinda trapped!
The other night I was on a Bad Date, a really BAD DATE, feeling trapped and like I had no way out I went to the ladies room…

And not to be too graphic here I took this picture of the flowers while peeing in the trendy Beverly Hills restaurants/bar bathroom, strangely enough looking these well thought out, and artfully arranged flowers gave me hope!
Cheers to the arrival of Spring!

Falling into Manholes.

I had Wendy on the Authentic Dating radio show back in February I enjoyed reading her book so much that I asked her if on the book’s release date if she would be a guest blogger and let me post an excerpt from her book and here it is, enjoy!

Excerpt from Falling into Manholes: The Memoir of a Bad/Good Girl

Copyright 2008 © Wendy Merrill
Published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons, March 27, 2008
Visit www.fallingintomanholes for more juicy details and events!

From Wisdom-of-Men-o-pause
While clearly still at the mercy of my hormones, I was making love with Ken, yet another younger and inappropriate but sexy boyfriend. His penis was very hard and I stroked it teasingly. “Wow, did you take Viagra or are you just really glad to see me?” I asked.
Ken had always used the state of his penis as a barometer of his attraction for me, often taking my hand and pushing it against his crotch when we would meet to show me the effect I was having on him. He seemed inordinately proud of his erections, and sexual chemistry had been an important part of our equation, or so I thought!
He looked sort of shocked, then sheepish, and stammered, “Well, yes, I did. And I guess…I mean, I am, glad to see you.”
My hand stopped mid–stroke as I absorbed what he was saying. I was kidding about the Viagra, he was only forty years old!
I closed my eyes for a second. This explains so much, I thought. It was as though an important and elusive centerpiece of the jigsaw puzzle that was Ken had suddenly dropped into place, and a whole new version of our relationship emerged in my mind.
I remembered some talk-show psychologist warning that, “in bed with someone’s penis in your hand,” was not the ideal place to discuss sexual dysfunction. But there I was, penis in hand, about to plunge into dangerous territory. My head was reeling with questions….

Authentic Dating Radio Show Recap 3-26-08

Thanks to today’s guest’s Dr. Dennis Neder and Laurie Puhn J.D.

Be sure to check out Dr. Dennis’s new project BAM TV that uses the power of the Internet and video that bring’s to life the bleeding-edge of relationship technology! – Click on BAM TV

Also huge thanks to Laurie, while we didn’t talk about your New York based private practice in family, divorce law and mediation, I do want to plug it here, as well as your best-selling book Instant Persuasion that includes the 35 do’s and don’ts for dating and getting what you want in life.

To listen to today’s show 3-26-08 titled Words Are Things click here.
Radio Show Link

Cheaters and One Night Stands. Part 3

And…Picking up from where the book left off last week.

Chapter Four
Room #104 and Neighbor Peter
When a Man Buys You Drinks Is He Entitled to More?

He lifted me up, and, making his intentions very clear, put me on the bed. I was lying on the hotel bedspread, when I thought, oh god, they never wash these things. Most 4 and 5 stars hotels wash their bedspreads pretty regularly, but this was more like a 2 star hotel – just because it is AAA approved does not always mean they wash them. As I imagined the stomach-turning stains and bodily fluids on that bedspread, there I lay, in my favorite white, designer skirt with a hot guy hovering over me – his tongue in my mouth – worrying about someone’s spilled pizza sauce and worse. I would most likely never see this man again — was he worth ruining my favorite skirt?

Suddenly, his hand went up my skirt, and I forgot all about the stain and germ-ridden bedspread. He was a skilled lover. Perhaps it was just because we knew we would never see one another again, or because he’s watched a lot of porn – within minutes, he made some specific requests that indicated the latter – but the sex was raw and uninhibited. After several hours, we fell asleep; it was around 3:00 a.m. when I awoke. Should I stay, or should I go? He was sound asleep as I snuck out of the room. Safely home, I brushed my teeth, scrubbed my face and got into my bed, glad be there alone.

Feeling the effects of the Cuervo 1800 and my night of debauchery, I got up around 9:00 a.m., having missed yoga. There were three calls from neighbor Peter on my cell phone. He had called me the night before, first thing in the morning, and sent me a bunch of emails.

It freaked me out that he was being so aggressive, so I ignored him and went to the gym to sweat out Room #104 and the 1800. On my way home, I wracked my brain to remember Room #104’s name. I felt like such a slut; the horns and tail were surely visible. I had offered to take him to the airport the next day, but I couldn’t remember his room number, either. However I did know my way back to his room, so I went back to the hotel to find him.

Usually cool and calm in most situations, my heart was pounding as I rode up in the elevator and knocked on the door. He was in his room and invited me in. It was awkward; we were both uneasy, but we survived. As we were talking, he told me about his girlfriend back home — the girlfriend that he lives with. I asked him if he has these out-of-town flings and one-night stands all the time. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “No, this is the first time I have ever done anything like this.” I can still his face at that moment, and I’m still sure he was lying. Room #104 was not only a professional paintball player; he was a professional “player,” and I fell for his game. But I was up for the adventure whatever its the outcome.

To be continued on Saturday.

Authentic Dating Radio Show 3-26-08 8:00am PST

This weeks Authentic Dating show with Dr. Neder and Laurie Puhn J.D. is being called Words Are Things, I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to say about life and love.
Radio Show Link

8:00am PST -Dr. Dennis W. Neder

With 30 years of success in business, psychology, dating, sex and relationships, equaled by his years of research gives Dr. Neder a unique perspective on men’s relationships with women.
His books, “Being a Man in a Woman’s World”, Volumes I & II (with volume III soon to be released) and “1001 Places and Techniques to Meet Great Women” have become the must-have topic of thousands of radio and TV programs and print media.
Opinionated, direct and funny – Dr. Neder is one powerful, entertaining author and relationship expert!

8:30am PST – Laurie Puhn, J.D.Laurie Puhn, J.D.,

called the “Dispute Doctor” by national media, is a New York family and divorce attorney-mediator in private practice. She is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School and the Best-selling author of “Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life” (Penguin).

Laurie is the host of the television show “I on New York With Laurie Puhn” on WPXN-TV and a guest expert on Fox News Channel and Court/TruTV. She is the founder of, a site that offers free legal and relationship tips and advice.

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