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So, here I am doing bills and was thinking about what I just posted in regards the isolated tribes of South America.

Yes! I know what I’m about to post is not about, “dating,” however, I think this conversation/post that has been opened up about the indigenous people is worth talking/writing/blogging more about…as in the end it’s about humanity, even if they exist in a different way than most… but aren’t we are all different in the end.

In January of 2008, Julie Christie and Survival International launched a campaign to save uncontacted tribes from extinction.

Below are two well produced, and thought provoking videos – together they are about 13 minutes long (yes, I realize kinda long for a blog post).

But they are both extremely interesting, contains rarely seen people and incredible footage, and WELL worth the watch.

Uncontacted tribes 1 of 2

Uncontacted tribes 2 of 2

The Lost Tribe – Isolated Tribe Exposed

As a person that has spent time in the Andes of South America with the indigenous people, (see blog posts, April 4th, 5th and 6th).

As I listened to the news about the isolated and lost tribe that’s being exposed in the Amazon it hit a soft spot in my heart…

…And since I have been posting about survival of the fittest, and evolution…

It only seemed fitting to mention this story in case you have not herd about it.

The Lost Tribe Exposed as Seen on ABC News

Animals and Us. Part 2

Continued from Friday a bit more from my book called Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel, and chapter 19 titled, Animals and Us.

Single-celled organisms reproduce by dividing, bumping up against each other, and the like. The more advanced the species, the more complex the reproductive process. “While some biologists have labeled humans the sexiest of animals, it is clear that there are few if any ways in which we are truly unique. Animal research often shows the close ties we have with our animal relatives and that there is rarely anything totally new in human or animal behavior.”

Apes and monkeys mate face to face, just like humans – a rarity among non-human primates. On the flip side, most insects mate lying in opposite directions, only maintaining genital contact. Porpoises engage in “group sex” with two males and one female participating. Amazingly, there are female chimpanzees that have been documented as having sex with eight different males in a span of 15 minutes. Some have had up to 84 encounters in eight days with seven different partners.

And, while it is somewhat uncommon in the animal kingdom, we certainly do not have a monopoly on monogamy . Lovebirds, wolves, beavers and swans are all known to mate for life. But monogamy in the animal world is a bit different than in ours. The main concern is the care and safety of the offspring; while many of these species live together for life, they do not often remain sexually one-partner creatures. Once babies are old enough to be self-sufficient, or only need one parent, even “monogamous” animals split up. A recent study of divorce rates in the U.S. showed that humans are beginning to follow that trend, with most of the couples surveyed separating when the youngest children are beginning school.

I have decided to post a some more of Chapter 19 Sunday.
To be continued.

Animals and Us. Part 1

Yesterday as I was writing about The Bachelorette and the dramatic contrast to the men on the Deadliest Catch, it got me thinking about survival of the fittest, evolution, and how that pertains to attraction, and dating.

So, here is my thinking… if I was sitting in a cave millions of years ago – the men as seen on the Deadliest Catch looked capable to hunt and gather, where as the men I saw on The Bachelorette where in my opinion the complete opposite, and seemed frail in comparison to the rugged men who where braving the harsh waters, and elements…

…And – not as seen on the The Bachelorette competing in a staged setting for the attention of ONE women, on a well produced TV show.

I will just leave it at that.

Moving along here, I thought it would be a good time to post for the next few days excerpts from my book, Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel – Chapter 19, called Animals and Us, where I wrote about evolution, our hard wiring and our connection to the animal kingdom.

Animals and Us.
Chapter 19

“We are walking archives of ancestral wisdom.”
Helena Cronin, The Ant and the Peacock

Whatever your stance on evolution, there is no denying our connection to the animal kingdom. The mere fact that humans are mammals illustrates this bond. While some of our most basic instincts may have become dulled by human progress, our cellular and genetic connection is still there, guiding us through life whether we realize or accept it. Each and every moment we are faced with the realities of our link with nature and the thousands of creatures that share our world. Sometimes on my early morning run along the Pacific Ocean, I contemplate this relationship.

Huge waves created by hurricanes thousands of miles away crashed alongside me in recent months. I could feel the power of the sea, smell the salt and decay in the air. We are a part of the sea and it’s a part of us. In her book, The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson explains that in the Precambrian period over 4500 million years ago, “When the animals went ashore, to take up life on land, they carried part of the sea in their bodies, a heritage which they passed onto their children and which even today links each land animal with its origins in the ancient sea. The sea within us has the same saltiness as the Precambrian seas of three billion years ago.” Even human blood contains a water-to-salt ratio similar to that of the ocean.

Fast-forward to the end of the Carboniferous period 300 million years ago, only a few insects had evolved enough to live out of water before early amphibious and reptilian-like creatures began to creep out of the oceans and rivers. These first vertebrates continued to develop and morph over time, creating millions of species and eventually humans.

Humans have been on this planet for about 4 million years, one of the first and most notable pieces of evidence is “Lucy,” the skeletal remains of a hominid called Australopithecus afarensis. Discovered in Hadar in Eastern Africa in 1973, by Donald C. Johanson and his student Tom Gray, Lucy to this day remains one of the most well preserved early human skeletons ever uncovered. The fossils indicated that while she had short legs and long, dangly arms like our most closely linked cousin the chimpanzee, her pelvis and knee structure showed that she walked upright.

We have come along way since Lucy. Homo sapiens arrived on the scene about 100,000 years ago, but modern humans still hold billions of years of cellular information passed on from our ancestors. There are some 300 trillion cells in our bodies – about ten million die and are replaced every second. Even still our basic being still holds the history. Miraculous!

So how did we go from single-celled organisms swimming around in the Petri dish of the oceans to breathing, walking mammals? If we take a look out on the landscape of life, each being seems to have a mating ritual, but as strange as it sounds, all beings are connected in the end. Humans are programmed, just as many of our animal counterparts, not for only sex for the purpose of reproduction, but also emotional bonding.

To be continued Saturday.

The Bachelorette, 2008 – Season 4?

Alright, I get that most of us here on planet earth want to connect, and to find a healthy loving relationship.

And as the woman behind,, and this blog I’m even working to help with the “love” process.

BUT… I have been DVR’ing the ABC program, The Bachelorette and, well… it just makes me incredible uncomfortable to watch a group of men behave this way, honestly for me it just feels like WAY too much of a role reversal.

And as I watched the other night, all I could think of was – while most of the men are good looking, seem to have a good job, and hold some sort of intelligence, for me they just looked way to EAGER, or perhaps it was the contrast of watching Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel right before?

Deadliest Catch – Trailer


Check out these leaving words from the rejected men from week one and two of The Bachelorette here.
Dating Diary

And to watch the full Bachelorette episodes click here.
The Bachelorette 2008

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Forbes Magazine Quote

OK, another post this morning where I’m not talking strictly about, “dating.”
However, I read this quote while eating breakfast this morning from the April 21, 2008 issue of Forbes magazines special issue guide to the biggest companies in the world, and I thought it was worth sharing.

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

Into The Wild

Last week before I left for Mexico I had a very rare experience on my 6:00 am run, the Venice Beach pier gate was just being unlocked as I reached it.

It was an extraordinary moment in time where I was on the normally busy pier completely alone while watching the sunrise and in the quite of a new day.

Strangely… as I got to the pier today the same exact thing happened.

I was not sure what I was going to post this morning, when I began thinking about the movie, Into The Wild that I had watched on my way back home to LA, and remembered that awhile back I had posted the Eddie Vedder song Hard Sun from the movie here on the blog (see below), even before seeing it, and or reading the book in which the movie was based on- written by Jon Krakauer and later adapted into this film directed by writer and director Sean Penn in 2007.

Into The Wild – EddieVedder -Hard Sun – Music Video

This post will be as I sometime do especially while I’m traveling or as a fall-out from traveling, less about dating and more about life.

I’m not going to get to wordy here, but simply say…

I think that since the movie is inspired by a true story of a man and his personal journey, about being human/ human nature, finding inner peace, true happiness and learning to forgive, that it’s a life story that we can all learn from, or at the very least- ponder.

For me there where three quotes that really stuck out in the film, and they are.
“Forgiveness is love.”
“Happiness is shared.”
“If you want something in life reach out and grab it.”

This being said below are three videos, a trailer from the movie, some news footage about Chris McCandless and a tribute to McCandless with real pictures.

Enjoy.. here is to the adventurous human spirit, I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Into The Wild -Trailer

Into The Wild – The REAL Chris McCandless

Chris McCandless – Alexander Supertramp

Dating Service Videos. Part 3

Continued from Saturday and Sunday…

The Worlds Worst Dating Service Video.

The Worlds Worst Dating Service Video.

Dating Service Videos. Part 2

Continued from yesterday…

The Worlds Worst Dating Service Video.

The Worlds Worst Dating Service Video.

More to come on Monday…

Dating Service Videos. Part 1

I can think of no better way to kick off the long holiday weekend than to post Drew Carey’s Whose Line Is It Anyway- Dating Service Videos over the next three days. Where, jokes that involve hats, sex, and dating merge for laugh till your face hurts humor.

So enjoy these extremely funny videos that will be posted from Cabo San Lucas, where I’m currently spending time under the hot Mexican sun, eating fresh fish tacos on the beach, and drinking top-shelf tequila.

The Worlds Worst Dating Service Video.

The Worlds Worst Dating Service Video.

To be continued on Sunday…

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