25 sex questions no one’s ever asked men before. Part 1

While I did not conduct this survey the February 2008 issue of Glamor Magazine did…

That being said, here is some more information I found as I read through that pile of old magazines that I mentioned in Monday’s post.

…As seen on the pages of Glamour Magazine.

“25 nosy questions answered by real men. Glamour asked more than 2,000 guys to take a stand on porn, plastic surgery, cheating, cleavage-you know, important stuff! Here, the surprising (in a good way) results. By Julie Stone.”

Nosy or not, I will not be posting the entire article- all 25 questions, but just a handful over the next few days.

Question:Have you ever cried over a woman?


Question:Would you mind if a date checked her messages and e-mail during dinner?

Yes, it would bother me. I want my date focused on me………71%

Nah. Everybody needs to stay connected……….29%

Question:If a women you were newly dating e-mailed or called you every day just to say
hello, how would you react?

I’d be psyched. If she’s excited about me, I want to know……..50%

I’d be wary. Why is she coming on so strong…………43%

I’d be weirded out. That’s entering stalker territory……..7%

Question:Have you ever secretly read your girlfriend’s or wife’s e-mail?

No= 66%

Question:If your girlfriend or wife would never know about it, would you have a one-night stand with a smoking hot stranger?


To be continued on Wednesday.

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