Don’t Be A Slave To Your Dick. Part 2

By David Wygant,

Continued from yesterday… Part 2.
I’m in complete agreement with David here, a desperate man is never sexy.

Most women, even if they’re horny themselves, do not want to f&^* a man with a sign on his forehead that’s flashing the word “Desperate!” They want a guy who is confident and owns his energy, even if the girl is desperate herself and hasn’t had sex in a year. Even when a girl hasn’t had sex in a year, she doesn’t want a guy who is desperate and who is a slave to his dick, because this is the type of guy who will tend to look at a woman like a piece of steak on a grill. This type of guy objectifies her . . . and she can see it.

The other day I was watching these two guys walk down the street near me, and there was this beautiful woman walking toward us. They didn’t talk to her because they’re slaves to their dicks, which means they objectified her. So the minute the woman walked by us, they both turned their head and checked out her ass . . . which objectified her even more.

The fact is they’ll never sleep with a woman like that, because they don’t know how to connect with her. So occasionally they’ll either (a) jerk off to a woman like that, or they’ll get some Internet porn, or they’ll get themselves a craigslist hooker, or (b) maybe they’ll do nothing and remain totally frustrated.

This is because their dick is controlling them. Their dick is telling them to remain frustrated. Their dick is telling them “You know what? You can’t get someone. I just want to get laid. I want to feel her. I want to touch her. I want to f$&# her.” This is just not the way it works, because beautiful women don’t want to feel that energy.

Remember that when I talk about “beautiful women,” that a beautiful woman is whatever is in your eyes. I have different tastes. My friends have different tastes. I may not date or think the women you’re dating are hot. It doesn’t really make a difference. It’s not me.

That’s another way that men think with their dick too, because they’re always trying to impress their friends. “Wow! Wasn’t she hot? Wasn’t she amazing? Check her out!” Men want “the trophy.” It’s like Candy Land, they want the piece of candy. They want the trophy so badly, and the fact is you don’t need to objectify her, brag to your friends, and prove yourself.

The only thing you need to do is stop thinking with your dick! That’s your dick telling your friends “Hey, my dick’s going to get involved with her. My dick is going to f^&# her tonight . My dick’s going to get in some good pussy.” Women just get turned off by that! They’ve seen it. They’ve smelled you. And they don’t want to be around that anymore. Stop thinking with your dick!

To be continued.

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