Don’t Be A Slave To Your Dick. Part 3

By David Wygant,

Continued from Sunday… Part 3.
I think this is solid advice.

Having this mindset of thinking with your dick is also bad for you. It’s bad for your soul. For those of you who don’t know what I mean by objectification, it’s something that our society does all day, every day. It’s in magazines and on television. Men objectify women and women objectify men (although men do it more to women). It’s in the advertising culture and on television.

It’s everywhere, and it permeates every aspect of society to the point where we’ve dehumanized people. We only look at them for their body parts or what they have to offer us in a physical sense. It’s totally fragmented, and doesn’t look at the whole person.

We need to continually remind ourselves to look at people as the whole person , and not just as an object or a fragmented person who’s simply there for you to blow a load on. You can’t do that. It’s a major mistake. It’s understandable in our society and with the way things are set up, but you have to break away from that.

Be different! Be an individual. Be independent and think differently than the average slave out there. Remember and remind yourself that you’re talking to a human being, and that human being has feelings, pressure points, and interests. You can relate to that person. This is not a piece of meat. Always remind yourself of that.

You know, women are not pieces of meat. They are wonderful, beautiful beings with whom to connect. If you don’t think this way, then my teachings are not for you. Plain and simple. I’ve got no issues.

There are guys and teachers out there who will teach you to objectify women. “Here’s how you can f&$# this piece of meat and throw her in the garbage the next day. Here’s how you can season her with your bullshit, throw her on the grill, eat her, f&#^ her, and then make her feel like an idiot the very next day.” Sure, there are guys who can teach you that. But that’s not what I’m all about.

I am about teaching you how to have the greatest sex and to connect with women. When you have that zen power, you’re going to have the greatest sex in the world and your mind is going to be controlling it (not your dick).

To be continued.

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