Into The Wild

Last week before I left for Mexico I had a very rare experience on my 6:00 am run, the Venice Beach pier gate was just being unlocked as I reached it.

It was an extraordinary moment in time where I was on the normally busy pier completely alone while watching the sunrise and in the quite of a new day.

Strangely… as I got to the pier today the same exact thing happened.

I was not sure what I was going to post this morning, when I began thinking about the movie, Into The Wild that I had watched on my way back home to LA, and remembered that awhile back I had posted the Eddie Vedder song Hard Sun from the movie here on the blog (see below), even before seeing it, and or reading the book in which the movie was based on- written by Jon Krakauer and later adapted into this film directed by writer and director Sean Penn in 2007.

Into The Wild – EddieVedder -Hard Sun – Music Video

This post will be as I sometime do especially while I’m traveling or as a fall-out from traveling, less about dating and more about life.

I’m not going to get to wordy here, but simply say…

I think that since the movie is inspired by a true story of a man and his personal journey, about being human/ human nature, finding inner peace, true happiness and learning to forgive, that it’s a life story that we can all learn from, or at the very least- ponder.

For me there where three quotes that really stuck out in the film, and they are.
“Forgiveness is love.”
“Happiness is shared.”
“If you want something in life reach out and grab it.”

This being said below are three videos, a trailer from the movie, some news footage about Chris McCandless and a tribute to McCandless with real pictures.

Enjoy.. here is to the adventurous human spirit, I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

Into The Wild -Trailer

Into The Wild – The REAL Chris McCandless

Chris McCandless – Alexander Supertramp

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