What Women Want. Part 1

Last weekend, [no it was not just spent reading that stack of out of date magazines from my kitchen cabinet.]

Hum, come to think of it, I have not had a date in a long time…. I digress.

Anyway, I was talking with a woman that I casually know about her daughter, and dating and how she thinks that the men that her daughter dates don’t do a lot of, “wooing.”

I can say as a woman I like to be “wooed,” not smothered, but to be treated right and with respect, hey don’t we all?

And when I was putting together part 2 of the Glamour Magazine sex survey I remembered reading an article in the April 2008 issue of GQ Magazine that I thought would be a good contrast to the survey that had I just posted, and in this survey the answers are from- “a panel of smart, candid and confident women,” as GQ states in the introduction to the article called Treat Me Right!

And here is just part of what the panel of women told GQ for their survey about how to – “woo her, win her, keep her and make her feel like the sexiest, funniest, most respected, best cared for, greatest women in the universe without losing your sanity, your solvency, or your manhood in the process. A romantic road map for women and by women.”

*If you’re going to ask for our phone number or e-mail address, then be a man and use it.

*The only acceptable response to “Can we split the bill?” is “Absolutely not.”

*Don’t be cocky in bed. We want you to be brash enough to take charge once in a while, but don’t let on that you think you’re rocking our world-particularly when you’re not. We’ll put up with it to your face but we’re calling our girlfriends and laughing at you later.

*When debating whether or not to buy us flowers, the answer is always yes.

*Except when it’s not. When you piss us off (and eventually you will), a heartfelt admission of your total guilt/stupidity/thoughtlessness will go a lot further than the Memorable Moments Bouquet from FTD. (Oh, and never use FTD.)

*As for picking us up at a bar:Do we look like the kind of girl who want to make out in the bathroom?

Mix us a drink. An empty fridge is okay, but a well stocked bar is critical. There is nothing more transparent than a nightcap invitation without any nightcap.

To be continued…

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