Dealmakers: How to Make a Great Date or Pickup

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Back as a guest blogger and with more good advice, is SmoothTalker from

I especially like his advice about; “keeping your fingernails clean.”

Personally, when I see a man with dirty nails … it typically makes me wonder – that – if he’s not doing some kind of hard labor, or a mechanic – just how long has the dirt been there, and what exactly is it?

Speaking from my own personal experience, a man with dirty nails, has also been reflective of other things in his life…

Dealmakers: How to Make a Great Date or Pickup

By Lee “SmoothTalker” Coles, PullJoy©

Staying out the friend zone. Establishing an emotional connection. Humor without corn, and confidence without pretense. These are things men strive to do when they meet a woman to whom they are attracted. Though one could hardly tell it by the actions of some, no one intends to spook a woman with their eye contact, gross them out with their breath, or turn them off with conversation about ex-‘s. Yet woman complain about meeting guys who do one or more of the above. How can you avoid being “that guy”? Simple

Be well-groomed

Attention to fashion and personal style, and the effort involved in finding one’s appropriate look (and I don’t mean business attire or jeans and sneaks) is appreciated by beautiful women. Most of the women you are highly attracted to take time selecting their outfits, and don’t eat everything in sight. When you demonstrate that you have an eye for detail, and a personal cleanliness, it follows that you will have a neat crib, should sex be on the agenda later. It also distinguishes you from the masses, who have two looks- workday and off day. Take tips from some men’s mags, and be as original as possible. Keep breath fresheners with you, and your fingernails clean.

Have fun

You’re not at work or in class. You can discuss anything (except religion, heavy politics, and past girlfriend details). Keep it light. Ask her and her friends a brain teaser or two, playfully read her palm, or ask what she’d do if she won $2.5 million. There is potential for humor all around you- the quirky weather, the traffic on the way there, the loud band. Good natured sarcasm is good (think Leno or Conan). Browse the movie, music, or game section of a store or stores- there’s plenty to talk about there. Do outdoorsy things, and take a blanket you can spread out. If you watch a movie, opt for a rental or DVD in the comfort of your crib, not a flick in a crowded multiplex where you can’t see each other or talk.

Create sexual energy

Be yourself, don’t feel any pressure to impress a woman. She’s only human and imperfect, and you’re just getting to know her. Try to to ask for her phone number without asking a little about her interests, it’s more personal. If it’s late, or gets there, small spots are favorable to large establishments, and drives and walks beat sitting in one place for a long period, unless the atmosphere is great and cozy, or you’re on the beach. It helps to know something about art, nature, or good literature, these topics take one far from the workplace, and provide insight into the personality. Telling someone you’re a banker or a software designer says very little about who you are as an individual. When the aforementioned humor elicits laughter, a light tap of her hand or shoulder is appropriate acknowledgement to initiate touch. And look into her eyes when you ask something.

Be personable, personal and spontaneous and you’ll do well. Look the part, and do interesting things. Dealbreaker guys are a dime a dozen.


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