Hot Chicks and Guys at the Bar Wrap-up. Part 1

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One question, ten day’s, eight men and nine women are the foundation to my social science survey, beginning 6/4/08 and ending on 6/13/08.

I set out night after night with a felt marker in hand as an amateur social scientist, on a mission to uncover and democratically write about the sexes, our fundamental attraction, and the burning question…

“What are the top three things that constitute a hot chick or guy at the bar?”

The men and women that I spoke with were all kind enough to share with me their candid, straightforward, and at times cocktail fueled thoughts to this compelling question – which I will now say – as simple question as this question about ‘hotness’ seems, that in reality – it’s not really all that simple… because it happens to speak loudly about our human nature, hard wiring, evolution, genetics and DNA.

While I’m no Charles Darwin – in the end the survey became a Darwinist look at mating rituals, sexual selection and natural selection happening in 21st Century bars…

…Peacock feathers included. Somehow this did not come as any surprise to me.
Information on sexual selection.

Since as humans sexual selection and natural selection is part of our undeniable hard wiring, for both men and women, we are attracted to and like attractive people, however I must say in the world of HIV and STD’s, I do have a bit of an issue with Man #4 on Day 3, who said, “potential slut factor.” Does he not have any kind of selection process?

I did ask him, “does that require her to spread her legs on the first date?” He smirked and took a sip of his light beer. Later in the evening one of the other guys at the bar told me that he had a hard-on while we talked.

So, just how many of these random men seemed to be ruled by his cock?

I think most are, and that hard wiring, DNA, genetics and the need to spread-the-seed will over rule, especially after a few drinks, or a glance at a girl with, “Big Tits” as Man #2 said on Day 4 of the survey.

All eight men referenced to some sort of physical feature, smile ranking high, hair was mentioned twice – actually lustrous hair is linked to a youthful appearance and reproduction. Information on evolution and sexual attraction.

Interesting fact – lately I have not been wearing a hat as much as I normally do, or just being down right lazy and putting it into a pony tail, but wearing it down, and I have been getting hit on a lot!

To the point where I could go home with a different guy every night, if that was my choice of behavior.

I actually did have sex with one of the men that I talked with for the survey. When we first met at the bar I had an instant attraction to him.

But first impressions are not always right, I think he’s a great guy, and we saw each other twice after that night, but each time I saw him I realized that we would be better off as friends. (He’s a great guy, just not great for me). This was a big switch from that first night of lusty sexual attraction.

I believe that “we eat with our eyes first,” but in reality there are so many more layers to peel off after that first impression, or eye catching moment from across the crowded bar.

Just a few nights ago I ended up getting to know a man that I see all the time, but because I find his friend to be extremely disrespectful to women, I lumped him in with his friend, and I have always completely ignored him.

Long story short, he ended up being a super interesting and sweet guy, (even if he was rooting for the Celtics) and as I left the bar I gave him a big kiss on his cheek, I was excited for his win – in a bar full of Lakers fans, and also excited that I was completely wrong about him. This was a well learned lesson for me about first impressions.

Part 2 – will be continued on Sunday or Monday.

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