Summer Love

Yesterday morning while I was running along the beach… in the unusually warm Southern California weather. I began thinking about some of my past summer loves that I had, while I was growing up.

Which also got me thinking about what those memories represented: The long sun drenched days at the beach – that would turn into underage drinking of warm beer (as soon as the sun went down)… that went hand-in-hand with getting sandy while making out, diving off the Malibu pier, parties in the Santa Monica Canyon – more warm beer, salty hair, road trips, Catalina Island – more underage drinking of really warm beer, with those much older boys – you know who you are, eating nectarines, avocado sandwiches, the smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil, sunsets, and I would be remiss if I did not mention Brian, the lifeguard at State Beach.

It was all so uncomplicated and innocent. Kinda… ahhhhhh!… summer love!

Despite the fact that I was listening to Social Distortion on my iPod, and as I was dripping sweat at 6:20 in the morning, the song Summer Nights from the movie Grease, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, was playing word for word, and beat for beat, though my head.

Yes, my true dork factor is now shining ever so bright. However, I absolutely love that movie!

Grease-Summer Nights

Perhaps it’s my own current gargantuan sized secret crush on a local guy, that I see all the time, who has absolutely no idea – that I’m crushing on him, but my secret crush, makes me so in the mood to have a summer love, that’s filled with the simplicity of what I remembered yesterday during my morning run.

Cheers to summer love. Minus the warm beer!

*This entire week I will be posting all things related to; summer love.

Where’s the Most Unusual Place You’ve Ever Picked Up a Women?

Straight from the pages of the June 30th, 2008 issue of People Magazine.

Adrian Grenier – “I Don’t pick up girls. I let them pick me up.”

Jason Lewis – “The Paris subway. I was young. It was an awesome affair. It was pretty sexy.”

Tyson Beckford – “Probably at the motorcycle shop. Women are riding now with these gas prices.”

Zachary Levi – “A Chinese restaurant. I took my fortune cookie, and wrote my number on the back of the fortune and gave it to her. She called, and we went on a date.”

Brody Jennner – “On an airplane. I picked up a flight attendant from Canada.”

Josh Groban – “At the top of the London Eye, you know that Ferris wheel thing? I happened to be sharing a pod with a really beautiful girl, and it actually ended up being a very romantic kind of place.”

Space Invaders and Respect

Last night I had a situation where I got into an argument with a man who had clearly invaded my personal space, by moving his bar stool so close to me that he was pretty much sitting on my lap, as he scratched his dandruff filled scalp into my wine.

My problem with this is that rather than apologizing to me – he verbally attacked me when I mentioned it to him, (saying nothing, about his disgusting dandruff).

Needless to say, he behaved like an utter jerk, but still…

I believe in life and love, that it always comes back to respect.

Starting with having respect for yourself (hey, space invading dandruff guy, buy some dandruff shampoo).
And then having respect for others, as well as, being respectful to the plant.

This being said, having self-respect, and in fear of having to pick dandruff flakes from my wine, I left my local spot and hit a few more to have dinner, and see friends while I headed back home, from what has been a stress filled week – important to mention I had absolutely no other issues along the way.

When I got home I watched America’s Got Talent on my DVR, and when I saw this man sing and heard his story, it made me cry – what a complete contrast to the space invading and jerky dandruff guy.

America’s Got Talent – Neil E. Boyd

Happy first day of Summer!

Again I Have to Ask – Are These Men Behaving Like Men?

While this show is a major guilty pleasure…. and the video below is a bit outdated.
I’m still cringing every time I watch these guys behavior on The ABC program, The Bachelorette 2008

The Bachelorette 2008

The Birds And The Bees

This is inspired by my mom and dad, and the giant bee hive removal, that they had to do at their home yesterday morning!

Dean Martin – Sings The Birds And The Bees

What Does a Dating Expert Do All Day?

That would be me and this shameless plug…
As seen here on

How to Pick Up a Woman or Flirt With a Man

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to, “how-to” lists… However, has some good tips on picking up women.
How to Pick Up a Women.

And for us girls, has 10 solid flirting tips.
10 Flirting Tips.

My Thoughts On What Do Women Want Men To Drive?

The more I pondered the words of what dating expert Deanna Lorraine had to say about men’s personalities, and the cars that they pick to drive, the more it made me want to write some of my own.

Largely because she didn’t seem to take into account, age, economics and lifestyle. I’m not going to elaborate too much on the economics, but it’s pretty obvious and goes without explanation.

Let me just start by saying in a role reversal, that I drive a 2008, Ford Escape – it’s my third Ford Truck.

The reason I drive a Ford truck is number one, I support the American car industry, and I’m loyal to Ford, based on that.

I also like having a four wheel drive, since I spend a lot of time in the mountains snowboarding, during the winter – I have no desire to be putting chains on during a major winter storm.

I’m guessing that if a man was purely judging me by what I drive, without knowledge of my back story, he would be inaccurate and could potentially be attracted to me for all the wrong reasons.

So if the assumption was, “she drives a four wheel drive, Ford truck, she must live in the country,” the conclusion would be completely wrong – I live on the beach in Southern California.

Again in role reversal mode… this is something more to ponder…

What men think a woman’s personality is like based on the car that she drives.

Date Cars: Men

Pardon my wordy tangent, but I am getting to point here, which is very similar the guilt by association snap judgement I made about the guy that I wrote about in; Hot Guys and Chicks at the Bar Wrap-up. Part 1. He has ended up to be a nice guy, and the more I’ve been getting to know him – the more I’m realizing how wrong I was to jump to a conclusion based only on his disrespectful friend – I think the same parallel can be drawn based on a car that a person does or does not drive?

I’m learning, increasingly that first judgements, for sure need to be taken with an ample grain-of-salt!

So with yet another disclaimer on the automotive topic, I will say that I’m writing this as a very informal rebuttal to dating coach Deanna Lorraine. As reported by NBC6.NET and also to be taken with a grain-of-salt and most importantly – humor…

…And here is what I have to say about men, what they drive and the women that they attract.

According to Lorraine. “Like it or not, a car is an extension of a man’s personality.”

Or in this case as Dave Chapelle states; “men drive nice cars, because women like nice cars.”

Dave Chapelle – Why Men Like Nice Cars

Need I say more?

OK, that’s a joke, and I will now get to the list at hand with my own ‘dating expert’ thoughts….

Chevy Suburban

I actually don’t personally know any men that drive a Suburban, I have know a few women that have, and they have all complained about the size while driving the kids around town, and soon sold them for a smaller and even more family friendly truck.

But since I don’t have any real personal experience with a man that drives a Chevy Suburban, off the top of my head I would guess that he has children, or has a job that he needs to drive clients around – the Suburban could be a company car, and he just drives it in the day – leaving his VW Rabbit at the company’s parking lot.

Lorraine states that men who drive this type of car are adventurous and attract a family oriented, down-to-earth kind of woman. My guess is that it attracts a woman that already has a few kids, divorced and sees a potential man that can drive the kids to school, soccer practice and piano lessons so she can get, back “down-to-earth.”

Mercedes S-Class

My old boyfriend drove a Mercedes S-Class vehicle, I saw first hand the monthly payments, they were what some people exist off for a whole year in some countries – including the USA.

Living in Los Angeles I see many Mercedes on the roads. I believe that some of the men driving these cars are living beyond their means and have Mercedes to impress others. Lorraine thinks that “these vehicles attract sophisticated women that are in their late 30s and 40s and enjoy being taken care of.” I say that they also attract gold diggers and women who not only, “enjoy being taken care of,” but expect IT! Oh, yes and at some point you will need to buy or lease her one too.

Ford F-150

As a Ford truck driver I completely disagree with Lorraine on her statement that men that drive a “Ford F-150 tend to be insecure.”
WHAT? How about they work in a blue collar job, such as construction or live on a ranch and need to move hay and chicken feed?

I think a women that is attracted to a man that drives a Ford F-150, is also the type of woman that likes to sit close to her man on the bench seat and bring him coffee in bed in the morning.


This one I’m in complete agreement with Lorraine – see below post, I have seen this exact situation happen in real life.

Toyota Camry

With the Camry I think comes down to economics, or it could be a rental car and his BMW is at the repair shop… and yes I agree with Lorraine, this type of car would attract an, “uncomplicated and undemanding,” woman – that’s until she sees his real car the BMW, the one that was at the repair shop.

Review on Sexuality Blog

On June 10th, 2008 Pulljoy:The Secrets of a Pickup Artist, reviewed my book Don’t Use My Sweater Like a Towel on his astute and first-rate blog!

His book review was picked up by the popular sexuality blog,, which named the review as one of their picks of the week – in their best blog posts.

So Much for a Fun and Popcorn Filled Double Date.

As seen in the Youtube video below.
Cardo Systems comes clean…
“Making popcorn with a cellphone happens only in the movies.”
Viral advertising campaign by Cardo Systems.

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