Sex with a Complete Stranger?

While I was out on Friday night, a man that I had just met after about thirty minutes of light conversation asked me to leave the establishment we were at…

“To go have sex with him.”

Not only was it an aggressive Alpha Male move on his part, BUT… for me, unless I was getting paid A LOT (never), or had some kind of sex addiction (not), why would I leave with a complete stranger to see and feel his, sorry to be blunt here – but to see and feel his cock.

Who does this after a thirty minute encounter?

No exaggeration, I had only talked with him for under an hour, and in that short time the only thing I really knew about him was that he was too cheap to call 411 for a phone number, and that he was in a rush to deposit a check at the bank before the weekend.

This being my very first impressions of the man that I had just met, and with whom I had no personal connections with – as far as I know, he mentioned that he was from out of town, which also meant that unless I was going to bring him home (not), I potentially would be having sex with a complete stranger in a car. (OK, I have had sex in a car, however not with a complete stranger).

And as a woman in this situation I would not just worry about my personal safety, but catching an STD, or both!

In the age of online dating I felt this was a good story to tell.

To realize just how important first impressions are.

And it doesn’t matter if you are trying to get laid or not…or perhaps especially if you are trying to get laid.

Oh… and if you are trying to impress her – so she will want to see and feel your cock, don’t let her know that you are too cheap to dial 411 on your cell.

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