Space Invaders and Respect

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Last night I had a situation where I got into an argument with a man who had clearly invaded my personal space, by moving his bar stool so close to me that he was pretty much sitting on my lap, as he scratched his dandruff filled scalp into my wine.

My problem with this is that rather than apologizing to me – he verbally attacked me when I mentioned it to him, (saying nothing, about his disgusting dandruff).

Needless to say, he behaved like an utter jerk, but still…

I believe in life and love, that it always comes back to respect.

Starting with having respect for yourself (hey, space invading dandruff guy, buy some dandruff shampoo).
And then having respect for others, as well as, being respectful to the plant.

This being said, having self-respect, and in fear of having to pick dandruff flakes from my wine, I left my local spot and hit a few more to have dinner, and see friends while I headed back home, from what has been a stress filled week – important to mention I had absolutely no other issues along the way.

When I got home I watched America’s Got Talent on my DVR, and when I saw this man sing and heard his story, it made me cry – what a complete contrast to the space invading and jerky dandruff guy.

America’s Got Talent – Neil E. Boyd

Happy first day of Summer!

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