The Dating Game and the Bachelorette 2008?

TV shows and dating have been around for at least forty years.

I can remember watching the Dating Game while I was growing up.

Perhaps, that was the flash-point of my own social conditioning that planted the seeds to my current dating show fascination?

Clip of John Ritter on the Dating Game – 1967

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Dating Game – 1974

Kozinski on the Dating Game

But when I saw DeAnna Pappas from The Bachelorette “giving the scoop,” about her final three guys, Jesse, Jeremy and Jason to the July 7, 2008 edition of Us magazine – you know I just had to wonder if they, ‘really’ knew just what they were getting themselves into when they signed up for a chance to fall in love, in public, on TV and now to become Us magazine tabloid fodder?

It will be interesting to seeing who DeAnna picks – after giving Jeremy the boot on last nights show – and eventually how it all shakes out – or doesn’t!

  • charlie

    prostitution as a televised spectacle: the three horn dogs must compete for the ritual sacrifice of a southern virgin.

    Is this marketing of sex and hope with the blessing of sponsors?

    As of now we have the promise of a televised ceremony.

    What interesting backstories: childbirth, divorce, and affairs?

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