The Anywhere Guy #2! Mia & Jennifer’s Discussions at the Bar

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Can Men Handle the Truth?

What Men Won’t Tell You
How do men handle honesty from women?

One of the most valuable pieces of information in this video I think is in the end when they talk about a mans ego and say, “a men feels most safe when a women supports his ego.”

The Anywhere Guy #1!

Mia and I discuss the.. The Anywhere Guy!

The Anywhere Guy #1

Tracy Cox Sexpert

I personally know nothing about Kama Sutra but this video got me interested…

Debonking the Myth of the Kama Sutra

Looking for Love on TV?

The New Bachelor Jason
New ‘Bachelor’ Jason Mesnick: ‘I haven’t dated since DeAnna Pappas’
POSTED August 22, 12:17 PM
Liz Barrett – Celebrity Examiner

I just read this while drinking green tea and still un-brushed teeth — looks like the folks over at abc are looking for women… As seen in the  seen in the

I just called the 866-739-3150 number below — it’s REAL!

Jason Mesnick, the newest “Bachelor,” told Us he hasn’t been on a date since DeAnna Pappas rejected his marriage proposal on “The Bachelorette” a few months ago.

“I wanted to give myself the time to heal so that when I got out there again I was really ready to give whoever I am with the respect and total attention she deserves,” Jason said.

Now he is ready to move on and looking for love on season 13 of “The Bachelor.”

ABC is still taking applications from women who would like the chance to compete for Jason’s attention — and hopefully true love — on the show.

Single? Interested? Call 866-739-3150. (Seriously.)

Shereen Faltas: Modern Dating

Chick Comedy
Performance |02:26 |
The exchange rate in the modern dating scene is balanced in favor of guys.

Internet Dating… Seven Years Later

OK, this video is from 2001… However it still rings true in many ways and it’s extremely amusing!

June 12, 2001: Lord Viper Scorpion on Internet Dating

First Appearances…

Yesterday as I was driving in my neighborhood beach community after just getting back from Vegas, I saw this embroidered in the back of the guys car seat cover – yes it reads, “Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck!”

As I watched him drive a bit aggressively — I did have to wonder what he attracts in his life?

If he’s a single guy does he pick up his dates in this car? It’s a pretty offensive blurb and statement.
Actually scary! Not to mention the road rage issues that already exist here in L.A. why would you open yourself up to more?

I took this picture as an obvious example and a good reminder of how we judge people… If this guy was my date and I saw this in his car as a life choice I would NOT go out with him! YIKES!

Even weirder he had a bumper sticker the read “Maui.”

What do you think?

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