Man Banned for Noisy Sex!

I posted this on my other blog called this morning — I think it’s also worth posting here on the BadOnlineDates blog in honor of my four days spent in Las Vegas the “City of Sin” — it just seems like an appropriate choice.

I to have had really “noisy neighbors.” Have you?

Man banned from girlfriend’s home after noisy sex
By RAPHAEL G. SATTER, Associated Press Writer
(08-14) 18:00 PDT LONDON, United Kingdom (AP) —

A British man has been banned from visiting his girlfriend’s home after neighbors complained about noisy sex, a local official said Thursday.

A court barred Adam Hinton, 32, from being within 110 yards of his 29-year-old girlfriend Kerry Norris’ apartment, Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman Mike Taggart said. Read Full Story Here

In Las Vegas

I’m leaving in the morning for the New Media Expo in Las Vegas.
I will do my very best to keep up with my daily posts while I’m there till Sunday, August the 16th.

Friends With Benefits

While I have mixed feeling about “friends with benefits” I do think it all depends on the person — or even how much drinking or regular F.W.B. sex is occurring.

For women involved in a F.W.B. situation it could become more difficult to separate your emotions due to bonding chemicals such as Oxytocin.

I say for both parties to proceed with caution and to make sure that you are both TRULY on the same page!

This is worth the read… Friends With Benefits study.

Dating Tips for Women

Dating tips from Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal. I agree with much of what Matt and Tamsen has to say — AND yes, girls I’m with him 100% — men really do want a challenge and a bit of a chase.

I recently had my own experience with a guy… I have been so consumed with my work and the more I was unavailable to him the more he was calling and chasing… and the more engrossed I got with my work, the more he called, sadly the more he called the more it turned me off to him…

I also think the tip in the video about how you dress is important, when you dress for yourself you will feel confident and that’s attractive!

Dating tips from Matt Titus and Tamsel Fadal

5 Things Men (Really) Think About Sex

What guys think about sexual history, one night stands and the term “slutty.”

by Jayden Harlow

1967 may have been the summer of love, but 2008 will go down as the summer of sex. Women flocked to the theaters to see if Carrie would really walk down the aisle with Mr. Big in Sex and The City: The Movie, and they are tuning in on Thursday nights for a peak at the lives of ’70s-era swingers in Swingtown.

At the same time, we males increasingly find ourselves confronted by some pretty powerful notions about our sex drives and how we respond to the 21st century woman (or, more accurately, Hollywood’s portrayal of the 21st century woman). While Swingtown and SATC may be titillating, or even liberating for women, the reality is that these kinds of programs tend to feed into longstanding myths about men and our expectations of the women in our lives. To combat this problem, here are five common myths about men, along with the reality behind them.

MYTH #1: Men are intimidated when a woman has had a lot of sexual partners…. Click Here To Read Full Article On

Door Opening on a Date

It seems to be rare these days… but yes, us woman still like to have the door opened for us!

BBG TV: Get the Door!

The Millionaire Matchmaker – Perfect 10 Myth

When I was in my twenty’s a guy that I was seeing broke-up with me — the reason why was “because I was not perfect.”
I smiled and wished him luck on his search.

Searching for the “perfect 10” is a problem. Patti explains why.

Forgiveness in Dating

A few days ago a man left a angry comment on my other blog — it’s important for me to point out that the Nerd Girls blog is not trying to be anything more than entertaining and something that brings me joy in what can be a stressful life at times!

So when I read the angry post about, “how I had given away the ending to the Showtime program Californication and that “I was a friggin’ genius” it came as a shock — in that particular post one of the Californication videos which I had embedded was from YouTube and it showed the ending to the first season — if this was an issue I’m sure that the creators behind the show at Showtime would pull it off of YouTube.

Californication Season 1

So, at 6:00 a.m. as I hit the pavement for my morning run it got me thinking about misplaced anger and forgiveness.

Clearly this guy was lashing out at me for something that in the end I really had nothing to do with — in that I did not create the video that had been posted on YouTube and I was just posting something that I enjoyed and was sharing it with others… Hey, angry guy don’t shoot the messenger!

But you know, the more I thought about him and the angry words projected at me from cyberspace, the more I forgave him, realizing that this was a sad and telling moment for him and potentially how he interfaces with his life and with that I had nothing else to do, but to forgive him and realize that a person that is behaving this way has some deeper issues going on — all which I will never know!

Tying this back to dating I think that we all need to realize that no one is perfect and that with forgiveness comes growth…

In life we can’t control what others do, however we can make our own healthy decisions and especially with dating, I think that forgiveness is one of them!

Shy Girls…

How Do I Ask The Shyest Girl I Know Out On A Date?

Online Videos by

Cosmopolitan Magazine Sex Poll

30,570 were polled for a survey titled The Hottest Sex You Can Give Him in the August 2008 edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Interesting the answer to the question – “what makes you notice a girl most?” is in alignment with the recent survey I did about – “what makes a girl hot at the bar?”

Smile also ranked high on my survey. Hot Chicks and Guys at the Bar Wrap-Up. Part 1

Cosmo Question – What Makes You Notice a Girl Most?
71% A great smile
11% A seductive walk
9% If she sensually touches her skin or hair as she talks
9% A sexy laugh

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